Throughout the first few months of 2022, we have brought you a series of posts to take a deep dive into whether your small business should consider joining various social media platforms. We’re putting all those posts right here in one convenient location. Bookmark this page and use these posts to discuss the options with your team. 


One of the biggest questions companies face right now is whether or not they should hop on the TikTok bandwagon. We look at the pros and cons, as well as some business success stories.   


Whether you want to bring more awareness to your brand, convert more sales, or create conversations, Pinterest may be for you. It’s free to try it out – if you find that it’s not quite right for you, it’s OK!


If you have a business where you can create “how to” or several tip videos, then you should create a YouTube channel. Video content is king on all social platforms, so if you have them, get started on uploading now.  


Word of mouth marketing and the ability for users to shop have been game-changers for Instagram. The platform also continues to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape. While you need to devote time and resources to build a following, it’s a platform that shows no signs of weakness in the coming years. 


While this platform can help you build brand awareness, it is also full of a lot of noise. If you’re going to be on Twitter, make sure you have someone who can manage the account to check in on conversations and post your content several times a week. 


This is no longer just for people looking for jobs. Having a business page on LinkedIn can help you connect with prospects and grow your connections. 

Google My Business

What do people see about your business when they search for you on Google? If you have a physical location, you cannot skip out on having a Google My Business account. 


Now with more than 2 billion users, Facebook and its parent company Meta isn’t going anywhere. “Everyone” is still there and likely will be, but are you ready to battle the algorithm and pay to play?  

The Honorable Mentions

We already hear you – “What about ________?” The platforms above have been the major players for quite some time and most likely aren’t going anywhere. However, there are still other platforms that you may want to consider. 

So what about …


This platform still boasts 300 million active users each day, so it’s not to be ignored. This platform continues to be actively used by younger people – 75% of its users are millennials and Gen Z. You’ll want to check out this detailed guide to see if you want to consider creating an account for your business. 


The audio boom during the pandemic quickly peaked as people wanted to talk. But do people want to talk about your business? Or does your business have noteworthy topics to generate listeners? If you have time, check out Clubhouse and see if there are conversations you could join in on. 


Speaking of talking, the podcast boom appears here to stay. If you can think of a topic, there’s probably a podcast out there for it. Look for podcasts in your favorite music player – Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify … podcasts are everywhere. If you have the dedicate time to create shows consistently, perhaps you want to explore this option for your business. 

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