If you haven’t been on LinkedIn in a while, now is the perfect time to log in or create an account. Why? There are now more than 756 million registered users seeking new connections, finding jobs and growing their businesses. It’s truly becoming a social media powerhouse.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, many more people have turned to LinkedIn to look for jobs, find additional resources and to share areas. 

If you’re active on on LinkedIn, make sure you’re using all of the tools to your benefit. 

Here are five great reasons to hop over to LinkedIn today: 

1. Build your professional brand

This area is also two-fold for both individual users and businesses. 

As an individual, using LinkedIn can help you stand out from others in your industry. You can, essentially, use the site to build your portfolio. The resume area now lets you add online links to work that you’ve done. 

You can also use the summary area and job descriptions to use keywords in your field making it easier for job seekers to find you. You can also highlight your posts and create a personalized header image to help you stand out.

If you’re a business owner, create a business company page and upload as much information as you can there. Add your logo and a cover photo as well. 

Also with a company page, you can run LinkedIn advertising to target specific audiences. You can engage prospects through LinkedIn Messaging, create simple text ads or target people through dynamic ads.

Ask your current employees to follow your page for updates as well as sharing with their network that you have a page. You can also cross-promote your page on Facebook, Twitter and email newsletters. 

You’ll also want to develop a content strategy to post blogs or other information about your industry. 

2. It can help rank your name on Google

When you apply for a job, an employer is likely to Google your name and something about you, such as your location. What’s going to pop up? If you have optimized your description, your LinkedIn profile should be one of the first things that potential employers see. 

Business owners, the same applies to you. Google your business name. If your LinkedIn profile isn’t on that first page, apply the same rules. Make sure your “About” area is optimized with not only your business name, but keywords from your industry as well. 

LinkedIn encourages page admins to create strong “About” sections, using keywords in your tagline and completing page details in their entirety.

3. Jobs, jobs, jobs

Interesting fact: LinkedIn’s incoming CEO, Ryan Roslansky, started with the company because of a job posting in 2009

The job board is beneficial to both the job seekers and the job posters to find people who are legitimately qualified. 

The job board allows you to search by keywords and location, and lets you set up notifications to when new positions are posted. 

You can also let recruiters know that you’re open to new positions. There’s an easy-to-find “I’m interested” button to turn on. LinkedIn will hide this information from recruiters in your current company. 

For businesses looking to hire new employees, you can post jobs for a fee, as well as let potential employers apply through the site. Since the site is based on people searching for keywords, you can keyword your ad, making it easier for qualified candidates to find you. 

4. LinkedIn a virtual Rolodex

While many of us still hand out business cards, LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect (and stay connected) with people after a conference or quick chat. 

You never know when a time to reconnect will pop up, as well as when you may need to be introduced to someone, even in a virtual setting

Keep your profiles updated so your connections don’t see outdated job titles.

5. It’s a great place to talk … AND listen

Professionals and businesses themselves can discuss current trends or news in their industry. Everyone can “like” and “congratulate” each other, among other reactions now available. It’s also a great place to ask questions and gain insights from similar colleagues or businesses. 

You can also create content that becomes “trending” and continue conversations for weeks after your initial posts. 

It’s also a great site to observe what’s going on. You can watch employers interact or see how potential employees are engaging with others. You can follow conversations through hashtags. It’s like being in a coffee shop doing some “people watching.” 

Now is THE perfect time to join LinkedIn or revamp your profiles and pages. It’s not nearly as busy or full of opinions like other social media platforms. 

You have an opportunity to shine, build authentic connections and set the stage for success for your personal brand and company page. Head over there NOW.

This article was Originally posted in July 2020. It was updated in August 2021.

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