Whether you’re planning a sale, closing for a couple of extra days, or just looking for new ideas, you’ll want to keep this page bookmarked to help you during the busiest time of the year. 

What Platforms Are Doing To Help Businesses 

While ecommerce has exploded in recent years, the pandemic amplified how easy it is to shop online and through social media. Here’s a look at what’s in place to help you this holiday season: 


Christmas in … June?!? That’s when Facebook released a series of videos for businesses to prepare for the holiday season. Facebook also released an 18-page marketing guide at that time. 

Facebook recommends that pages create personalized experiences starting early in the year, using summer and fall as the preparation time for peak holiday sales. 

Their research shows that 7 in 10 shoppers on “Mega Sale Days,” such as Cyber Monday, enjoy feeling part of a community. 

While more and more people shop online, Facebook says that “Businesses should consider how eCommerce experiences can more deeply create the same connections people get from in-person shopping experiences.” 

While you may not have 3 hours to catch up on Facebook’s videos, we recommend browsing through the marketing guide to gain more perspective on a customer’s journey.

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“People come to Pinterest first. And every year, the majority of sales influenced by Pinterest are complete by Cyber Monday,” Pinterest says on its page dedicated to the holidays.

In 2020, Pinterest says 60% of holiday sales happened by the end of Cyber Monday. Pinterest’s holiday page lays out how you can have an effective holiday season starting in the fall. 

In September and October, prioritize your budget for awareness campaigns. This will help keep your products on people’s minds. Holiday messaging is fine, but increased Pins in general will help set you up for success in November. 

After Halloween, continue pushing awareness campaigns as well as conversion campaigns to help increase sales. Most (if not all) of your Pins should be holiday-related. 

In December, focus your ads on performance. Post about last-minute sales and be clear about shipping cut-off dates. 

Pinterest also has laid out the six types of shoppers on their app and how you can cater your content to them. 


TikTok has an informative holiday guide, including updated stats with how many people are using the app and for how long each day.

Forbes has an article with 17 ways brands can utilize the app this year.

From Branded Effects to holiday-themed challenges to paid ads, there’s something for everyone in the article. 

TikTok will surely be a major player in ecommerce this year as the app recently expanded its partnership with Shopify. 


Twitter has released a series of blog posts to help guide businesses. The blogs include what’s trending this season, Tweet tips for big days like Black Friday, and 10 holiday hashtags to use. 

Twitter is also developing a variety of shopping tools available to some users.

Save Time By Scheduling Now

While you might not have all of your posts planned out, you likely already have your business hours set for the holidays or have days planned off. 

If, for example, you’re closed for the day after Thanksgiving, create a post now and get it on the schedule ahead of that day. If you’re off for Dec. 24, too, or a few days before the new year, get it on the calendar. 

You’ll save yourself time and stress by taking care of those items NOW and not a day or two before.  

Important Dates Through the End of the Year

🎃 Halloween is on a Sunday.

🦃 Thanksgiving is exactly one month from Christmas on Nov. 25. 

🕎 Hanukkah begins at sundown on the evening of Sunday, Nov. 28.

💝Giving Tuesday – a day focused on donating to nonprofit organizations – is Nov. 30.

🎄Christmas and New Year’s Day are on Saturdays.

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Note: This blog was originally posted in September 2021 and updated on Nov. 12.

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