The thought of creating videos can be intimidating for most, but what’s really holding you back from doing them? Most reasons you hear are “I don’t have enough time”, “I don’t have the right equipment” or “I’m terrible on camera!”. Although these may seem like towering obstacles to overcome, they’re just the excuses we tell ourselves and simply not true, everyone has the ability to film great video content. The important thing is to just start doing it! 

Why Video?

They are a Perfect Way to Grab Attention and Drive Conversions

Video is a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses better connect with their audiences, thanks to its consumable nature and ability to make a message come across in a much more impactful way than words alone.

Today, short-form videos have become the norm, with their ability to easily go viral on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram providing an added competitive edge. Visual content is far more likely to be shared than any other kind – as much as 40 times more so!

Instagram has notably gone all-in with its Reels feature, garnering more attention and driving more traffic to them than to regular images. Whatever platform you decide to use, make sure that your video is directed at a clear goal, and that it features a “Call to Action”. That way, you’ll ensure maximum engagement and viewership.

They Help with Search Optimization 

As social media channels have become a vital part of online searches, it is essential to ensure your content is relevant. By creating videos and engaging with your audience, you are able to stay connected and join in on the social conversation. You can increase the search visibility of your videos by coming up with keyword rich titles and descriptions. Don’t forget to include tags too, as these can help your videos rank higher in YouTube and Facebook searches.

Videos Can be Repurposed and Offer a Longer Shelf Life

Generating video content may require a little extra effort compared to taking a picture, however it offers a powerful way to reach a range of customers across a variety of channels. 16:9 format videos are a familiar and easily adaptable format, so they can be conveniently shared on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Alternatively, you can create videos of around 60-seconds or less in length for Instagram/Facebook Reels and YouTube shorts. The shorter videos need to be created at a 9:16 ration to better suit mobile devices. And don’t forget, you can even turn the script for your video into an exciting blog post for even further engagement with your customers!

Not only do videos get more engagement than other types of content, but they stick around longer too. For example, a TikTok video can resurface in a users’ For You Pages for weeks, even months, after it’s been published. This is because videos typically generate more interactions and shares, which means they stay longer in the ecosystem over other content. 

How to Overcome the Obstacles of Creating Video

 “I don’t have enough time”

It’s always a struggle to find time when you’re running a business, but are there things you do that don’t actually push your company forward? Being present on social media is becoming more important to stay in mind of your customers, and video helps with that. Start by planning a couple hours a week dedicated to working on video. You might be thinking ‘but videos take so long to make!’ Which is true, but the more you do them the quicker you become at it. 

“You don’t have the right equipment”

For small business owners, making a high quality video can be challenging, especially if the cost of hiring a production company is out of reach. But don’t let that stand in your way – with any phone that is 5 years or newer, you can create professional looking videos with minimal effort. Investing in the right equipment is essential in order to make the most out of your video content. Try getting a tripod for stable shots and lights to improve the visuals. Additionally, a good microphone will ensure that viewers can understand and enjoy the message in the video. Don’t be afraid to explore all the possibilities available to you and make the most out of the technology at your fingertips.

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“I’m terrible on camera!”

So many people stop themselves from creating video content because they believe they’re terrible on camera. Well here’s a little secret, pretty much everyone is when they first try it!

A great way to begin is to take one minute of your time every day and record yourself speaking without necessarily focusing on any particular subject. When you have completed a few sessions, you may then pick a subject that you have great passion for and watch the recording after. Understandably, it will likely not be the most pleasant experience for you, but viewing it back is beneficial as it will help you understand what aspects to improve upon in future recordings.

To ease any stress that you may have with creating videos, plan your surroundings, select your topics, and write out any scripts beforehand. A teleprompter application like BIGVU can be used to assist you while recording, as well as include features to make captions and video edits. Never forget that no matter how hard you criticize yourself, there is always an opportunity to make amends.

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