Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are fantastic platforms for sharing photos from your latest adventures or even just your weekend dinners with loved ones. We know firsthand how these tools can help you stay connected to those living abroad or distant family members who might not be able to make it to a holiday gathering. That said – this does not mean you need to post about every single detail of your day-to-day life! Just think of your profile as an online photo album and not a very public journal. If you’re still unsure where that line between personal and private falls – here are five topics worth considering before hitting post.

  1. Personal Information

Avoid providing content or details that would include your home address, birthdate, phone number, or email anywhere on your social media. For example, try to not show large parts of the outside of your house or upload your college acceptance letter. These could have your address on it or allow someone to figure out your address. Other items that contain personal information include: drivers license, credit card (statements/receipts), paycheck stubs, and anything with your address or phone number. Just remember, once it’s out there it’s OUT THERE.

  1. Your Vacation & When You Are Going to Be Away

Avoid posting a status that says you are “finally on the road for my week long beach vacation!”

People will know your house is empty. That is an open invitation for someone to rob you while you are gone. You could be leaving your friend and house in a vulnerable position. This is a topic that you share privately with a trusted loved one or close friends so they might be able to keep an extra eye on your house. Oh, and it’s not for all eyeballs to see and know. 

  1. Personal information about your children

Avoid sharing specific details about your children

When you share personal details about your child, it can potentially be very dangerous. For example, the first day of school pictures where they hold up a sign that says their name, age, teacher, favorite toy, and dream job in front of your house. This is giving dangerous people information that they can use to do hurtful things to your child. You might think that your privacy settings are secure and only select friends can see your profile, but that is not always the case.

  1. Profanity

Avoid using bad words ANYWHERE! It just doesn’t make you look good.

There are so many other more thoughtful words to use instead of profanity on your social media. It is important to remember that co-workers and future employers have access to your page. No matter what your career goals are, most companies want to hire people who put their best foot forward in all aspects of their life, including their personal Facebook or Instagram account! 

  1. Work Experiences or Drama

Avoid sharing private conversations you’ve had at work or during a company meeting. There’s a time and a place for voicing concerns about your job, clients or competitors – and it’s not on social media. You never know who is looking at your posts from the HR department or the cubical over. Ultimately, running your mouth on social media could get you in hot water and in some instances can be grounds for termination at your job or cause you to lose an opportunity elsewhere. Don’t be the negative nelly drama queen nobody wants to be around. 

Remember, social media is a public platform – even if what you are posting may be personal for yourself. It’s important to make sure you are posting at the appropriate time and that you know how much of your life story to share with others. Social media is meant for having fun with it – sharing accomplishments or humorous anecdotes from our lives – but remember that there are always risks when we post something publicly available.

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