There’s nothing worse than sitting through a boring keynote or continuing education speaker.

When you’re looking for a social media speaker, you need someone who’s both an expert and engaging. Someone who can command a room but is relatable enough to make a crowd comfortable. A great speaker that not only educates about their topic, but also inspires and activates their audience.

If you’re looking for a versatile speaker on social media, bring in Shannon Loy. 

Shannon Loy (aka. The Social Ginger) has two things going for her when she gets in front of an audience. That’s her love of teaching and her experience of performing as a professional musician (sax and clarinet in case you were wondering). These two things have helped to shape her capabilities to both educate and entertain her audiences.

Shannon has experience speaking for a variety of industries on many different topics.


Social Media Educational topics include:

  • Social Media Best Practices
  • Facebook 101 / Instagram 101 / Twitter 101 (Or 102 if your ready for that)
  • How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn
  • How to Use Social Media to Build Your Brand
  • B2B Social Media

Social Media Advertising topics include:

  • Social Media Advertising 360 Overview
  • How to Do Social Media Ads Right
  • Facebook Advertising 101
  • Advertising with LinkedIn


Don’t take our word for it!

“Shannon did a workshop for us at the Jobs Assistance Ministry (JAM).
Speaking to an audience of 45, she shared her personal journey to inspire, inform and educate the job seekers.
She has an engaging presentation style that quickly captures your attention.
It’s clear why she has been so successful in building her business. We were blessed by her sharing her time and talents.”
Ed Landry – Founder & Leader / Jobs Assistance Ministry


Interested in hiring Shannon as your social media speaker for your next event?

E-mail her at hello@thesocialginger.com