The Social Ginger’s social media marketing experts have a wide range of career experience. From business marketing, sales, public relations, journalism to owning small businesses, they’ve seen social media evolve from the very beginning. They truly “get it” and will partner with you to help grow your business.

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Our team will work with your business each day to make sure that your online marketing strategy is getting in front of your target audience. One of the ways we do this is by customizing your marketing and social media plan to work for your business and your budget. We consider all marketing options available, your individual goals, your type of business and then move forward with executing your plan.

Our strategic approach could include posting on a regular basis to your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube), putting together a solid content marketing and blog posting strategy, and running Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn advertising. Ultimately, our goal is to make your company stand out through social networking.

We Specialize in Building Brands Through Social Media.

Shannon Loy of The Social Ginger

Shannon Loy


Supporting small businesses and being part of the process of helping them grow is what gives me the fuel to do what I do every day.”

Founder and CEO Shannon Loy is more than our fearless leader, she also serves as an ingenious coach, mentor and teacher for her clients…and her team. Shannon didn’t grow up thinking that she’d run a social media agency one day, but she knew (from the time she watched the 80s film “Kidco”) that she’d create her own business and help her clients make an impact on the world. 

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What you don’t know about Shannon though will astound you. Did you know that she was a Maryland Distinguished Scholar in the Arts? Or that she got a scholarship for her clarinet skills? Or what about the fact that she Minored in Saxophone during college? These are all things Shannon keeps on the down-low because she is one of the most humble people you’ll meet. (We had to make her post this bio)
Aside from a wide-range of artistic skills, her musical background fostered her organizational skills, her self-drive and the open-minded way that she searches for solutions with her clients. She self-proclaims “geek status” when discussing how to optimize small businesses over a glass of wine. She’s quite well read in this arena, too, so if you need to know the newest tools and be up to speed on all things social media, check out her LinkedIn articles. And if you need a pep talk to get over your limitations, Shannon is our go-to Ginger. We call her bits of wisdom “Gingersnaps.”

When not in the office, Shannon spends her time with her wife, Carolee; her friends; and her family, and you can often find them on the bike trails of Richmond and beyond. If you’re in search of a bike partner who isn’t afraid to wear those “butt pads” and go the distance, hit her up. Shannon is our Renaissance woman who is always down for dancing to Disco music, exploring something new and bringing businesses to life.

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Social Media Manager_Missy Caton

Melissa (aka. Missy) Caton


“I often find inspiration in my experiences”

If there is one thing that years of digital marketing experience have taught Missy, it is the importance of social media. Lucky for her, TSG was the perfect place for her passions for marketing and creativity to collide! An avid reader, Missy loves to scour the interwebs for the latest social media trends, and is always excited to test theories, strategize, or try something new!

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Missy got her start with social media through the music business; promoting artists, festivals, and music education. Now, she is fine-tuning her expertise for a variety of markets and is eager to continue growing your business. Outgoing and a closet goofball, Missy is always down for a good chat and a good laugh! When she’s not geeking out over social, Missy is a proud cat mom, musician, professional Netflix binge-watcher, globetrotter, and can often be spotted among the isles of local thrift stores.

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Gabi Klenzmann of The Social Ginger

Gabi Klenzmann


“My best ideas happen in the car.”

If we were to define Gabi’s superpower, it wouldn’t be that she claims to be talkative and “gabby,” it would actually be that she is a really good listener. As a social media manager, she couples her confident skills with her interest in hot topics and expertise in communications and design to make her clients’ creative dreams a reality.

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The topic of dreams is central to Gabi’s work as a painter, graphic designer, and illustrator who likes to bring fun, eye-catching images to life. Whether she’s working with a client to highlight their dream businesses or writing her children’s book, “Marie’s Daydreams,” Gabi knows how to confidently convey purpose and passion.

Gabi prioritizes her family first, including her best friends and partner. She loves to keep moving through exercise and is a dedicated cat parent. When she’s ready to unwind, you can find her crocheting things for the people she loves or exploring the Richmond foodie and fun scenes, especially in Scott’s Addition.

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Claire Evan of The Social Ginger

Claire Evan


“Art has always been my One Thing.”

Much more than our quiet, diligent, content-creating machine, Claire is also our go-to visual editor who can take messy footage and make something wonderful out of scraps. As a multimedia artist who writes poetry, designs visuals, and photographs everything, Claire loves working with social media because she can create new things and see what others are creating every single day.

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Claire excels in the domain of kinetic imaging. She believes that movement grabs attention, claims space, and is essential in today’s fast-paced world of social media. She loves to use unexpected technology to create interesting characteristics in her work. (We can’t wait for the right opportunity to incorporate synthesizer sounds into something we do for a client!)

Get to know Claire a bit more by asking her about what she’s currently creating as an artist. Or, ask her about VCU’s Ink Magazine (she is head designer & web editor for the publication!) over some sushi at Sticky Rice, her favorite place to be in the Fan.

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Claire Evan of The Social Ginger

Nicole Noguez


“Chase Your Dreams”

Driven by her love for beauty, fashion, and comedy – Nicole’s passion shines through in everything she does. From social media assistant to graphic designer, it doesn’t matter who she’s supposed to be; because she always knows how to tap into a brand using whatever personality or voice required.

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In her spare time when Nicole isn’t scrolling through her feeds looking for the latest trends in social media marketing, you can find her hand-building and sculpting with clay at her favorite studio. It’s somewhere where she can let go of all the stress from work and just relax. Nicole’s dream is to one day travel and admire the different cultures, architecture, and wonders of the world. She’s a creative soul, but she also has a love for sports. Her favorite sport to watch is soccer, and her favorite team to root for is Manchester United. 

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Mason Flippo of The Social Ginger

Mason Flippo


“Let’s get one more take.”

Mason Flippo is more than just a fellow “ginger”, and we are so excited to have his expertise in business, marketing, video, and photography (we got a good one on our team)! Rumor has it he can also play piano by ear so stay tuned for a TSG band. 

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Mason is both incredibly easy going and eager to take on any challenge. His ambition is shown by the fact that he and his friend started a small business his senior year at VCU, and carried it out for three years. Mason is excited to continue fine-tuning his entrepreneurial spirit and also looks forward to mastering the management and analytics side of social media. He is creative in just about everything and is always diving into a new hobby…ask him about his woodworking or bonsai trees! Mason has always kept his childlike wonder and can still make a pretty amazing fort like he did when he was a kid. If you ever see Mason around ask him to do anything outdoors in Richmond. Chances are he’ll say yes! 

(For all of you who were wondering, just because Mason is also a ginger doesn’t mean he is related to Shannon…but he does fit in nicely with the TSG team!) 

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Mason Flippo of The Social Ginger

Justin Lenart


“I’m Gonna Need you to Speak Up a Bit”

Despite growing up in Queens, NY this Emmy-winning promo artist has called RVA home for the better part of his life now.

Justin’s passion for unique visuals comes from his childhood obsession with movies. From Jurassic Park to The Blair Witch Project, Happy Gilmore to The Royal Tenenbaums, and Midsommar to Bad Boys II, he’s a man of wildly varying interests. Despite living in a digital age, he has a fondness for physical media – and owns over 1000 BluRays and DVDs!

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He sees the beauty in the small moments and looks to entertain at every turn, which is a definite plus when it comes to the world of social media.

From writing/shooting/editing skits and movie spoofs with friends in high school, to helming a bowling mockumentary during his senior year at JMU, the filmmaking bug bit him hard during his formative years. From that point on, he made it his mission to carve out a career in the visual arts. Always looking to learn new skills, Justin took up photography over the last decade and is always looking to perfect his craft.

When not galavanting around town with his camera, he enjoys being a beach bum with his wife and kids, or jetsetting around the country as the pandemic permits.

Now, he’s in lockstep with his creative cohort, Mason, taking on all sorts of amazing projects for small businesses here at The Social Ginger!

Intrigued? Let’s play! Hit him up on LinkedIn and see what TSG can do for you!