The Social Ginger’s social media marketing experts have a wide range of career experience. From business marketing, sales, public relations, journalism to owning small businesses, they’ve seen social media evolve from the very beginning. They truly “get it” and will partner with you to help grow your business.

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Our team will work with your business each day to make sure that your online marketing strategy is getting in front of your target audience. One of the ways we do this is by customizing your marketing and social media plan to work for your business and your budget. We consider all marketing options available, your individual goals, your type of business and then move forward with executing your plan.  

Our strategic approach could include posting on a regular basis to your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube), putting together a solid content marketing and blog posting strategy, and running Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn advertising. Ultimately, our goal is to make your company stand out through social networking. 



We Specialize in Building Brands Through Social Media.

Shannon Loy of the Social Ginger

Shannon Loy

CEO / Founder

Social media is about far more than just platforms and posts. When used the right way, social media can be an incredibly powerful marketing and relationship-building tool. Shannon Loy, CEO and founder of The Social Ginger, knows making social media work for you means starting with strategy. 

But most companies don’t start there. They post haphazardly, frantically, or maybe not at all. As a result, they miss out on both exposure and connections. 

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Shannon and her team of social media experts specialize in delivering strategic social media success. Through consistency and intentional, brand-aligned content, Shannon and her team guide clients to connect with their local and online community, expand interest, receive referrals, generate leads, and, ultimately, close sales.

When she’s not guiding clients and building online relationships, you’ll likely find Shannon speaking from stage, a place she finds comfortable after so many years of musical performance. With her unique combination of outgoing energy, technical knowledge, and passion for educating, it’s no wonder Shannon is a highly sought-after speaker for associations and conferences. Her authentic desire to see others succeed at building something they’re passionate about shines through in every presentation and engagement.

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David Hylton


Nobody ever talks about MySpace anymore, but as social media started taking off in the mid- to late 2000s, David Hylton was using the platform to create personal style blogs and to get news to the community. That’s where his passion for social media started — creating a MySpace page for the Lynchburg, Virginia, newspaper. It hasn’t let up since.


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Most recently, David spent four years writing, editing and generating website and social media content for NBC12 in Richmond. It wasn’t unusual for a day to include writing about a shooting to starting a Facebook Live with a traffic jam to then writing about Garth Brooks coming to town.

He also has a passion for running and co-founded Twitter’s #RunChat in 2010, one of the largest and most popular Q&A chats throughout the past decade. He’s worked with companies of all levels to get them engaged with the passionate running community.

In his spare time … well, there is no spare time! David has three children, a dog and a loving wife of 15+ years. Family always comes first!

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David’s favorite emoji is the ? because he believes we’re all taking things a little too seriously on social media. Laugh it up!

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graphic designer

Stephanie Eldridge


Though her degree in Strategic Advertising lends itself perfectly to her work as TSG’s Social Media Assistant, Stephanie Eldridge originally moved from northern Virginia to Richmond to pursue a degree in Theatre from VCU. But the highly creative world of theater wasn’t quite strategic enough for her, so she changed majors, landed an internship with TSG, and eventually became a TSG employee in early 2019.

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Stephanie’s eye for detail and unique ability to synthesize data to draw conclusions mean her clients are consistently supported and satisfied, but Stephanie’s favorite part of working for TSG isn’t the data analysis – it’s the people. She loves the powerful, authentic stories she gets to share.

In her spare time, you’re likely to find Stephanie rocking out to her favorite tunes from the 60’s and 70’s or exploring the world of astrology (she’s a Pisces!). If you’re lucky, she might even interpret your dreams for you!
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Stephanie’s favorite emojis are ???.
Why? Because she thinks they’re funny and loves to joke around.

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Hunter Glotz


In our virtual world, showcasing your brand with beautiful, brand-aligned graphics is a must. But creating them requires high-level awareness of brand alignment as well as a keen eye for tiny, artistic details. Fortunately for The Social Ginger’s family of clients, graphic designer Hunter Glotz, who joined The Social Ginger team in 2020, excels at both. 

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Hunter’s multifaceted creative journey began early: As a young music lover, Hunter’s interest extended beyond the song, straight into the artwork on album covers and inserts. After graduating from JMU with a degree in Media Arts & Design, he found a way to professionally pursue his passion for holistic branding, picking up a wide array of graphics and web design skills along the way.

As part of TSG’s team, Hunter enjoys connecting with clients and putting his skills to work translating the emotions behind their brands into exceptional, eye-catching graphics. When he’s not working, you’re likely to find Hunter thriving in RVA’s cool, local, creative scene, providing “session drumming” and playing live gigs with his musically-inclined friends.

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Erin Leigh


Do you ever wonder what’s going on in the minds of others? What secrets, hopes, and dreams are hiding there? Writer Erin Leigh believes those dreams so many of us hold deep inside deserve to be shared with the world. And what better way to do so than through SEO-optimized copy and content?

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With her long-standing love of language, it’s no surprise Erin applies her skills today as a writer and editor, but her journey didn’t start there. As an entrepreneur herself, Erin believes wholeheartedly in the work performed by The Social Ginger’s clients. Pulling from her own business background, she loves telling the stories of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and companies who strive to make a difference in the world. She strives to honor their message and voice with every piece she writes.

When she’s not leveraging her perfectionistic tendencies through writing and editing, you’re likely to find Erin reading Harry Potter, swinging on monkey bars, and spending time with her husband, Kev.

Learn more about Erin on her LinkedIn page

Erin’s favorite emoji is the old-school smiley face ? . Why? Because its nostalgic and predates all the fancy emojis, and it’s super versatile. It’s simple and it makes you smile.

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