Here’s what has been happening with your favorite social media platforms:


  • A new study shows that about 30% of Facebook’s Interest target is wrong. As part of the research from N.C. State University, 14 new user accounts were created to control demographic data. “The key finding here is that Facebook takes an aggressive approach to interest inference,” says the author of the study. “Even something as simple as scrolling through a page led to Facebook determining that a user has an interest in that subject”
  • Instagram recently rolled out more than a half dozen new messaging features. This includes the ability to see who’s online to chat with, sending messages silently and music sharing. 
  • Facebook locked out users who did not activate “Facebook Protect.” The program is designed for people who manage multiple or large Facebook pages to take extra steps to protect their accounts. 
  • Meta has scheduled a “Conversations” conference for May 28. The company says it will showcase new product updates, deep-dive events for developers and panel discussions. 


  • Elon Musk, creator of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla (among other attributes), now owns 9.2% of Twitter. He is also joining the board. Among his first activities with this ownership share was asking users if they want an edit button. Shortly after that tweet, Twitter announced that it is, in fact, working on an editing feature
  • Twitter is allowing all users to switch to Professional Accounts. This will let businesses have access to additional features to better highlight products
  • Twitter is testing a feature to allow users to customize the audience of their tweets. If it moves forward, it will be known as Twitter Circle. (If that sounds familiar, Google+ once had a social network called Circles.)


  • Snapchat is using augmented reality to help users learn American sign language. The ASL Alphabet Lens teaches users how to fingerspell their names and practice the alphabet. A game will help users track their progress and tell them what they’re getting right and wrong. 
  • Users can now easily share YouTube videos with friends directly from the Snapchat camera. “At Snap, we believe in the power of visual communication, and with this partnership, we’re giving our community infinite ways to express themselves, share what they’re watching, and layer on their own creative takes,” Snapchat says. 
  • Snapchat’s fourth Partner Summit is April 28. Reports suggest that the company will announce additional augmented reality tools. 


  • More users are turning to the app to search for women’s health issues. A survey “revealed people lack a full understanding about their menstrual cycles and feel embarrassed to discuss the topic broadly.” The company is highlighting creators who are creating helpful content. 
  • With prom season in full swing, Pinterest launched a program to help users find inspiration for the big dances. The company partnered with numerous fashion experts for “Prom Week.” 
  • Pinterest is now letting users share video content to other platforms. The app now lets users with Idea Pins to share that content to Facebook and Instagram. The videos will have a Pinterest watermark on them. 

Also Happening

  • LinkedIn added new tools for creators. This includes new analytics, new content alerts and the ability to easily feature newsletters. 
  • YouTube appears to have big plans for podcasts. In a leaked document, the company is looking at ingesting RSS feeds directly, a homepage devoted to posts and adding audio ads. 
  • Ever watch something on TikTok, but then “lose” it? The app is testing a watch history feature to help you track down those clips. 

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