From the serious to the weird to some things in between, here’s a look at some things happening across social media this month: 

TikTok’s Future Remains in Limbo

There’s still a lot happening with TikTok with something new nearly every day. Here are a few things that have happened in the past couple of weeks: 

If TikTok Goes Away …

You’d miss out on some weird things, such as Chris Cuomo flexing his biceps on his daughter’s video. ?

YouTube Stops Sending Emails to Subscribers

If you noticed one less email to delete right away, it’s because YouTube recently pulled the plug on new updates to channel subscribers. The reason? Those emails had an open rate of around 0.1%. 

YouTube says it doesn’t expect any impact on what times. After all, 1 billion hours of video are consumed daily on the platform.

Facebook Starts Merging Instagram, Messenger Chats

Have you seen the “There’s a New Way to Message on Instagram” alert? Many Instagram users now have this option to start using Messenger to communicate with others on the platform. 

This is part of Facebook’s overall plan to unify messaging platforms with its properties, which also includes WhatsApp.

Twitter’s Reply Control Options Available for All Users

After a few months of tests, Twitter is now letting all of its users select who replies to tweets. Your options are now “Everyone,” “People you follow” and “Only people you mention.” 

Twitter says the tests show that users feel more comfortable tweeting and more protected from spam.

Facebook Launches Educator Hub

As students and teachers head back to school in a virtual setting, Facebook has a new tool with educational resources

The Educator Hub features lesson plans, conversation starts, videos and much more to teachers. 

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