Here’s what has been happening with your favorite social media platforms:


It’s never a dull moment in the metaverse. In classic Meta-fashion, the social media giant continues to play catch-up to other more-innovative platforms. 


  • Twitter is doing it, and Snapchat’s version has already started to gain traction as Meta explores paid add-on features for both Facebook and Instagram
  • Apple’s ATT update prompts iOS users to opt-in to data sharing in apps. To mitigate this, Meta continues to refine ad-targeting in an effort to help you maximize performance results in a way that is more privacy-friendly. Check out their tips in the latest report!


  • Get a better understanding of Instagram’s new algorithm in this new overview of how they are ranking content for its ‘suggested posts’ or the posts in your ‘home feed.’
  • Ever the copycat, new ‘IG Candid’ feature in testing to compete with the fast-growing BeReal
  • Instagram moves to next-stage testing in the development of its own native scheduling tool. This has been available within Creator Studio for a while, but soon it will be coming to the app!


  • Tweet editing is FINALLY here! Live testing is a go. 
  • New professional account options could be on their way to Twitter! Features such as special link options and shopping tools. 
  • ‘Tweet Tiles’ could become the new official tweeted-link format


  • Native Post schedulers are evidently all the rage right now! LinkedIn is in development with one of their own! 
  • LinkedIn is following suit, testing new ‘Discover’ Feed to help facilitate more engagement within the app. (Much like recent updates with Facebook and Instagram)
  • New post templates are now available! This is a part of LinkedIn’s active efforts to promote in-app engagement. 


Also Happening

  • Newly released report firmly establishes TikTok as top app for US teens
  • Before Instagram officially launches ‘IG Candid,’ Snapchat was quicker to the punch with their BeReal copycat dual-camera feature.
  • Pinterest launches a new board sticker in an effort to help drive pin traffic.

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