Here’s what has been happening with your favorite social media platforms:



  • Here we go… AGAIN. Major changes are in the works for Facebook as the company passes along a strategic directive for employees to work towards making the platform more like TikTok. What does that mean? Incorporating more AI-recommended content into your feed that is based on overall engagement and popularity, not just your personal connections or pages you follow. 
  • You can now create and schedule Facebook Reels and Stories on desktop in Creator Studio! Even better, you can create them from clips of pre-existing videos on your feed.


  • Have you recently been prompted to enter your birthday on Instagram? The app recently launched new age verification features to better detect and protect young users.
  • Instagram FINALLY opens up its Reels API to third-party platforms. This means that if you utilize scheduling tools to pre-plan content for posting, the ability to schedule Reels is in your future. 
  • Speaking of Reels… Instagram releases new tips to maximize your content approach when utilizing the short-form videos. 
  • Plans to consolidate all of Instagram’s video options are in the works. As of now, all videos posted to the app are now eligible to be displayed in Reels feeds. 


  • With the launch of Twitter Campaign Planner, advertisers can tap into new ad features like forecasting, budgeting for auction-based campaigns, as well as the ability to start and save a draft campaign within the tool.
  • Twitter provides new tips for maximizing your potential when utilizing carousel ads and posts.
  • Popular eCommerce platform, Shopify, partners with Twitter to make selling products on the platform easier for merchants.
  • A new feature reminiscent of LinkedIn Articles, “Twitter Notes” launches for select user profiles. The option provides a, “ simple, integrated way to attach longer text elements to your tweets.”


  • Users are 2x more likely to recommend a product or service they discovered on the platform, according to a new report released by TikTok.
  • A new study released by Hello Alice spotlights the platform’s rising value as a promotional tool for Small Businesses. Out of 7,000 small business owners, 67% said TikTok was the platform that was most-effective in helping them tell their story in a creative way. 

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