There’s no doubt that Facebook, err, Meta, dominates social media headlines. It’s quite deserving that they do, considering that over the past 15 years they’ve acquired numerous other companies and competitors. 

So for this week, at least, let’s do a deeper dive into what’s happening with other social media companies not named — or owned by — Facebook. (There is plenty more about them HERE.)


We haven’t mentioned them in a while, so they deserve some time in the spotlight!

  • LinkedIn (owned by Microsoft, by the way), has launched Service Marketplace, a place designed to help freelancers. It will compete with the likes of Fivrr and Upwork.
  • LinkedIn has shut down its site in China. Microsoft says working with the government has become increasingly challenging. A jobs-only version of the site, InJobs, will launch before the end of the year. 
  • Interested in growing your personal presence on LinkedIn? Check out how this 26-year-old entrepreneur gained 160,000+ followers in less than a year. 


  • Just in time for the holiday season, Pinterest TV has launched. It is “a series of live, original and shoppable videos focused on areas like food, home, fashion, beauty, DIY and more,” according to TechCrunch.
  • In its latest “Transparency Report,” Pinterest says it removed hundreds of thousands of Pins in the first half of the year that violated its content policies. “Of these Pins, 95% were never seen by users in this reporting period,” Pinterest says. 
  • The pandemic boom of Pinterest users has come to a halt. The company says it had a drop of 10 million monthly users in Q3, the second straight quarter with a significant decline. Despite the drop, the company still reported strong revenue and profits.
  • Why was PayPal interested in buying Pinterest? Check out this interesting discussion: 

The Audio Boom

  • Clubhouse, which had a major rush of new users in 2020, may have grown too fast according to its CEO. “Boy, I think we grew way, way too fast earlier this year,” says Paul Davison. “What we really want to do is be on that path of steady, gradual growth.”
  • Amazon is getting into the audio room game, saying that “Project Mic” will turn users into virtual DJs. Listeners will be able to tune in through the app, as well as through Audible, Amazon Music, Twitch, and Alexa-equipped devices.
  • Twitter Spaces is letting users record conversations and then share them via tweets … which is also a similar option that Clubhouse recently rolled out
  • Twitter is also opening up Spaces to non-users who can listen in to conversations. 


  • Wait, Netflix? While they’re not a social media platform, it’s worth adding them to our list this week as they have launched a Tik Tok-inspired feed for kids. “Kids Clips” uses a similar interface to TikTok (or Instagram Reels), but in landscape mode, to feature videos of 10- to 20-second clips.

What’s Trending

  • A hand signal seen on TikTok to alert others that you’re in danger helped rescue a missing teen in North Carolina. A driver called 911 after observing the girl trying to get motorists’ attention with the signal, which is featured in the tweet below.

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