With internet and phone usage way up during the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that there’s a TON of information out there for you to digest. That’s why Social Media in the News is here for YOU – a quick way to browse through what’s happening with your favorite social media platforms. 

Here’s what we’ve uncovered recently:   

Snapchat Snaps Back into Relevancy

With people spending more time on their phones during the COVID-19, Snapchat is making a comeback

During its recent earnings call, the company said its active users grew 20% in the first quarter of 2020. Revenue is up 44% in the first quarter over the first quarter of 2019. 

Security Guard Becomes a Social Star

A cowboy museum in Oklahoma City has become wildly popular over the past month thanks in part to a new social media manager: the museum’s security guard. 

It started with this post on March 17: 

And the rest is history. Its Twitter account now has more than 300,000 followers. Facebook and Instagram are approaching 100,000 followers. 

Other Museums Get Creepy

Speaking of museums, there’s a creepy battle going on around the world. From centuries-old hairbuns to plague masks to a “mermaid,” there’s no shortage ff creepiness happening: 

Instagram to Help Local Restaurants

If you’re looking to support local restaurants, you could possibly order from them on Instagram. The company is partnering with ChowNow on a new feature that adds an “Order Now” button on posts. There are 14,000 restaurants as part of the ChowNow network in the U.S. 

YouTube Bans ‘Medically Unsubstantiated’ Videos

YouTube is removing and banning COVID-19 videos that directly contradict World Health Organization advice. The company says anything “medically unsubstantiated” will be deleted from the platform. 

So if you’ve seen the below screen shot lately, it probably had false information. 

The Year of the Zoom Wedding? 

While spring plans are getting canceled, that’s not stopping people from tying the knot. And for some weddings, guests are getting dressed up on Zoom to “attend” the ceremony.    

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