Here’s what has been happening with your favorite social media platforms:


Let’s hear it for the SMBs! If you are a small business, you’ll want to pay close attention to this one! Meta has announced a new marketing tips webinar series that is specifically focused on YOU! 

You might remember the announcement of their ‘Performance 5 Framework’ back at the end of 2022. Based on this framework, now Meta’s new series will explain how each step can be applied to the marketing process for your small business. Learn more and RSVP to upcoming webinars!

In other Meta news …


  • A recent Facebook Ads system error caused many accounts to significantly overspendWas your account impacted? Meta has since acknowledged and resolved the issue and said that they will notify ad account managers directly if your accounts were affected. 
  • 🚨 Facebook is slowly retiring its SMS-based ‘Code Generator’ 2-Factor Authentication element. 🚨 If you have logged into your personal profile lately, you likely received the notification at the top of your home feed.
    • This means that you must now update your 2-Factor Authentication to another third-party authentication platform. We like free apps like Google Authenticator and use it for many of our programs which require a code-generator. 


  • Better REELs analytics are on the way, along with better creation flow and a ton of new updates.
  • Optimize DMs for your business. Instagram adds a new information page with tips on how to stay in touch with your audience.
  • Instagram has now launched one of its most-requested features, the ability to add multiple links to your profile! Users can now enjoy the ability to add up to 5 links to their IG bio.


  • Hold tight to your hat Twitter, no less than two new apps are coming for your crown!
    • Former CEO and Co-Founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey launches Twitter lookalike ‘Bluesky.’
    • Meta also is working on their own Twitter alternative, ‘Barcelona,’ a text-based social app. 
  • Free Blue Checks are back for accounts with over 1 million followers in the wake of much backlash due to the removal of legacy checkmarks in early April. 
  • Long tweets incoming! Twitter Blue Subscribers can now post up to 10,000 Character tweets. An increase no one asked for…


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