A couple of weeks ago, we launched a new feature “Social Media in the News” so you can stay in the loop of “new” media making headlines in “traditional” media. 

Check it out if you missed it! 

We’ll bring this feature to you every couple of weeks, with headlines ranging from trendy topics to viral moments to hard-hitting news.  

Here’s what we’ve uncovered recently:

World rallies around bullied boy

An Australian mom posted a gut-wrenching video of her 9-year-old son saying he wanted to kill himself after being bullied. The boy, who was born with a type of Dwarfism, has now gained support from professional sports teams, Hollywood actors and Richmond native Brandon Farbstein, who is interviewed in the video below:


No TikTok for the TSA

The Transportation Security Administration says it has an “active and award-winning presence” across social media, but security concerns have put a halt to its efforts on TikTok. 

Get rich on TikTok? 

TSA’s leaving TikTok, but the new social media giant isn’t going to be hurt too much. New research suggests users could rake in millions by collaborating with brands on its posts. One singer is estimated to be worth nearly $200,000 per post. Say whaaaaat? 

Dangerous challenges continue

Parents, take note. A challenge we discussed a couple of weeks ago has now taken on the name of “Skull Breaker Challenge.” It’s as bad as it sounds and it’s sending teens to the hospital. 

Twitter point system?

Twitter could soon roll out a new feature for users to earn “points” in an effort to stop false information from spreading. NBC News reports that this is just one of several possibilities that could be rolled out soon.

Points for Facebook, too?

Will 2020 be the year of point systems? Facebook is also exploring a system to award points for completing tasks in its app. But don’t expect to get rich … 

Half court craziness

Now here’s something that should be making even more news! The South Dakota State University women’s basketball team put on a show recently that would rival that of the amazing things the Harlem Globetrotters do. Take a look for yourself:

Check those filters!

A TV reporter in North Carolina was doing weather report on Facebook Live during a snow storm, but it took a bit of an unexpected turn …


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