As the official start of summer nears, one thing is pretty clear: your favorite social media platforms are going to be hot with changes! 

With so many things happening, this version of Social Media in the News has a bit of a different feel to it to focus on the platforms vs. individual headlines: 

Facebook and Instagram

  • At its F8 software developer conference, Facebook announced new tools that will help businesses and consumers to communicate. The changes include Messenger API for Instagram and new tools for WhatsApp that can help automate responses for FAQs, which will help cut down on response time for consumers. 
  • Facebook users now face increased penalties for posting information that has been flagged as false. 
  • For Pride Month in June, there are a variety of new features and tools to support the LGTBQ+ community. This includes new background for posts, personalized avatars, and stickers for messages and stories.


  • Twitter is also working to stop the spread of misinformation. The platform appears to be testing a system that would provide users with warning labels. 
  • If you use Fleets (Twitter’s version of Stories), get ready for ads. Full-screen “billboards for advertisements” will be tested soon, giving users a “swipe-up” option to learn more about the business. 


  • Ever wonder what gets removed from Pinterest? In its latest Transparency Report, the company says nearly 50 million Pins with more than 2.1 million images for “adult content” were taken off … in just the fourth quarter of 2020!
  •  Product discovery is a major push for Pinterest in 2021. A new ad campaign, “You Just Might Surprise Yourself,” is showcasing how the platform will help users find Pins relevant to them. Check it out:   


  • Businesses can now easily promote posts on LinkedIn with a few clicks using a new “Boost” button. 

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