While the weather has been cold, social media platforms have been on 🔥  lately! Here’s a look at what’s been happening: 


Super Bowl Buzz

  • YouTube is bringing back its AdBlitz showcase, where you can find all the Super Bowl tie-in ads for the year. You can find official ads and numerous teasers well ahead of the Rams-Bengals game on Feb. 13. 
  • Got a wild prediction about the game? Tweet it and you could see it featured on top of SoFi Stadium’s LED roof. 
  • Everyone knows Jake from State Farm, but you won’t see him on commercials during the Super Bowl this year. Instead, the company is focusing on a TikTok campaign that gives users a chance to be featured in future commercials. 


  • With a continued focus on shopping, Pinterest has launched a new augmented reality tool that lets users virtually place furniture in their home. 
  • Pinterest is testing a new “Highlights” element for its Idea Pins. This allows users to showcase their best Idea Pints at the top of their profile. 


  • Want to know who’s checking out your TikTok profile? It appears that the app is testing an opt-in functionality that would enable users to see who’s checking out your profile. This is a feature the company previously had, but removed. 
  • A new “Instant Page” shopping display option is allowing businesses to connect their ads to a landing page built within TikTok itself. The company says the pages will load up to 11 faster than standard mobile pages. “Users can view videos and images, swipe through carousels, or click on buttons to explore another destination,” TikTok says, “all without leaving the TikTok app.”
  • TikTok is launching #BlackTikTok which will spotlight Black “pioneers across the creator community” in February “and beyond.” The app says this includes new music playlists, new in-app stickers, stories highlighting trailblazers and “LIVE programming that spotlights Black creators making waves on and off the platform.”


  • LinkedIn says its revenue increased 36% last year, driven in large part by its Sales Solution business. The company also reported “record levels” of engagement. The company says it has more than 810 million members around the world. 
  • LinkedIn Lite – a pared down version of the LinkedIn app – has been retired. The company says this is an effort to simplify how people experienced LinkedIn by using either the regular app or its website.  
  • What does being “professional” really mean? LinkedIn is exploring that definition and other changes in a new campaign focused on the “new normal.” Check it out: 

Also Happening

  • Coming soon to TweetDeck: videos that continue playing while you scroll. Uses can undock the video playback, pin it to another location, or dismiss it altogether.
  • Snapchat has added “Catalog-Powered Shopping Lenses,” an augmented reality tool that lets brands show a variety of products within a single Lens. This gives users more virtual try-on options for products. 
  • YouTube is shutting down its YouTube Originals program. The move isn’t expected to change what users see on the platform, but it allows the company to focus on content creators.

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