Here’s what has been happening with your favorite social media platforms:


Et tu Meta? 🥲 Meta recently announced their initial test launch of “Meta Verified” paid verification for Facebook and Instagram. Hot on the heels of Twitter’s verification fiascos, let’s just say no one is happy about it, and that is putting it lightly

In other Meta news …


  • Meta’s recent Widely Viewed Content Report wants you to know what people are viewing the most on Facebook in Q4 of 2022.
  • Attention all SMBs, according to a new survey by Skynova over 30% of small-business owners cited social media as the most essential tool for their business success.


  • In an effort to increase page transparency, Instagram is testing location listings on REELs content for some users.  
  • Need help planning your next Instagram ad campaign? They have some tips for you!
  • New “Instagram Channels’” broadcast feature launches for Creator accounts. Essentially, a group messaging option within the app for Creators to directly chat and engage with their audiences in real-time.
Watch it here:


  • Despite cutting 70% of staff since November, Twitter layoffs continue
  • Beware Tweetdeck fans! The platform says it is looking at potentially making the free Twitter scheduling tool an exclusive feature of Twitter Blue paid subscriptions.
  • Ready to cough up the Twitter Blue funds? Say hello to tweets up to 4,000 characters.


  • Businesses now have more ways to target their ads. LinkedIn recently announced they are adding a range of new Service interest attributes and over 120 new Product interest options. 
  • LinkedIn reports a record 900 million members with engagement at an all-time high. 
  • Could user profiles be getting a new look on this platform? This seems likely according to a recent update released by LinkedIn highlighting new tools in the works to help your content stand out.

Also Happening

  • TikTok adds new elements to its Creative Center to help you develop ads that perform for Top Products. 
  • Ever struggled to find business-safe (and trendy) audios to include with your short-form content on TikTok? Well things just got a whole lot easier with the release of “Sounds for Business,” a collection of free-to-use audio elements.
  • Pinterest announces a record 450 million active users.

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