As more people spend more time on social media during the pandemic, the major platforms are hitting huge numbers this year. Here’s a look at those social media milestones, plus a few other things happening across social media recently: 

Facebook Hits Huge Milestone

3,000,000,000 … we had to type that number out to see all those zeroes. Yes, the social media giant hit 3 billion users recently. Mark Zuckerberg says this number combines all of its properties, which includes Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook is also continuing to update many of its products during the COVID-19 pandemic:

LinkedIn is Hitting Big Milestones, too

690,000,000 … it’s not quite as impressive, but that’s still a lot of zeroes. The social media giant for business professionals and job seekers hit 690 million users recently. 

The company says it has experienced “record levels of engagement” during the pandemic.

Pinterest is also in the Milestone Mix

367,000,000 … see a pattern now? Pinterest says it added 32 million users the first quarter of 2020, hitting the 367 million monthly active users number. 

And that’s not all that’s happening with the idea-sharing social media platform. 

The company has partnered with several image creating services

“We’re introducing a new look and feel for the Pinterest creators brand as we continue to roll out new resources, tools and products,” the company said. 

It now has partnerships with Adobe Spark, Canva, Over and PicMonkey.

Zoom Looks to Fix Security Issues

As Zoom (300 million+ users per day in April) has become a household name in the past two months, it’s security issues have also come to light. The company embarked on a 90-day plan on April 1 to fix those issues. As part of that plan, it has acquired Keybase, a company that will help Zoom add encryptions to its calls. 

The change in settings will allow a user to disable call-ins by phone and disable cloud-based recordings of the meeting. 

Adele Makes a Return

Hello there Adele. The popular singer distracted everyone in the past week by making her first post to Instagram since December. 

Maybe there’s some new music coming soon? 


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Adele (@adele) on

And since we’re all about numbers this week, her post has had more than 10 million likes. She has amassed 34 million Instagram followers over the years. 

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