While we all start to thaw out from recent wintry weather, grab a cup of coffee and catch up with what’s been happening across social media recently: 

Instagram Sends a Strong Message: Be Original!

While Instagram creates tools that more or less copies TikTok, it has a message for its users: don’t copy your posts from one platform to another. 

Instagram isn’t a big fan of TikTok posts with watermarks showing up in Reels, so it recently issued a warning that posts should avoid having “visibly recycled” items from other apps. 

In other words, post original content. 

Clubhouse Soars in Popularity

The invite-only platform in which users get together to talk about a variety of topics has gained millions of users so far this year. But how safe is it for kids? The Today Show takes a dive into the platform and takes on the FAQs that have come up with other popular platforms over the years. 

“The good news? It’s easier to understand than Snapchat, and unlike TikTok, there are no dance moves to learn,” Today.com says.

 Rolling Stone also recently took a closer look at Clubhouse. 

“The new social media app is tapping into the public’s desperate need to connect,” Rolling Stone says, “and it’s becoming a flashpoint in the culture wars.

And Here Comes A Clubhouse Copycat

Speaking of Clubhouse, Facebook has a clone in the works. (Of course it does, right?!?) 

According to the New York Times: “Facebook executives have ordered employees to create a similar product [to Clubhouse], said the people, who were not authorized to speak publicly. The product is in its earliest stages of development, they said.”

Parler Returns, Names Interim CEO

The social media platform Parler, which gained popularity during the 2020 election season as somewhat of a Twitter rival, relaunched recently. It also has a new leader. 

“Parler is being run by an experienced team and is here to stay,” says Interim CEO Mark Meckler.

The company says it once had 20 million users. 

Facebook to Reduce Political Content

Now that the presidential election is behind us, Facebook says it’s working on ways to reduce political content in news feeds. 

“Facebook wants active engagement, which political content can bring, but not at the expense of overall usage,” says SocialMediaToday.com, which shows that the number of daily users has flatlined recently.

World-famous Dog with Spina Bifida Finds Fur-ever Home

OK, it’s time to end this on a positive, uplifting note! Jack, an adorable 9-month old American Bully with spina bifida, went viral recently after the person who was supposed to pick it up didn’t show up. 

Jack was very sad when his meet and greet person was a no show, no call. He had a bath, got his fancy harness on, had a…

Posted by Peaches Bully Rescue on Friday, January 22, 2021

The post above was shared more than 26,000 times, reaching more than 3 million people, the rescue group says. After thousands of inquiries Jack is finally going to a loving home: 

? The much awaited news!! ? Jack has found his home ? ! After multiple false starts in securing his fur-ever home,…

Posted by Peaches Bully Rescue on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

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