After so many changes to social media platforms this year, dare we say that things have “calmed” down a bit so far in October? 

Here’s a look at what’s been happening in the past couple of weeks: 

Instagram Celebrates Its 10th Birthday

What’s old felt new again earlier this month as Instagram celebrated its 10th birthday. As part of the celebration, the photo-sharing (and now video, story and Reels-sharing) app let its users switch to older icons.

Instagram also launched a “Stories Map” for users to have a private look at where they’ve posted Stories over the past three years. 

Facebook Focuses on Mental Health Concerns

The pandemic has certainly put a focus on mental health issues in 2020. Now Facebook is set to launch a mental health portal to connect users to “expert guides and information,” according to reports.

The “Emotional Health” portal will also have new tools on Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Researchers: Be Yourself on Social Media

On a related note, a recent study says to avoid creating “an idealized view of yourself” on social media. 

“Being prompted to post in an authentic way was associated with a more positive mood and affect, and less negative mood within participants,” the study said.

Pinterest Is the Go-To Social Media Stock

While so many of the other social media platforms dominate our conversations, it is Pinterest that is soaring on the stock market. It’s stock is up nearly 125% in 2020, compared to Facebook’s 25% increase and a 40% jump from Twitter. 

There’s also renewed interest in Pinterest with Apple’s iOS14 that allows users to customize home screens. It recently broke a record for single-day downloads with 616,000 installations on Sept. 21. 

Get In the Mood for Halloween

Facebook’s Messenger is rolling out Halloween-related backgrounds and filters to help users celebrate Halloween throughout the month. Halloween-themed stickers are also available. 

These features are also available in Messenger Rooms:

What’s Going on With TikTok?

In our recent Social Media in the News blog posts, we have kicked things off with news about TikTok. Since a deal with Oracle and Walmart was announced a couple of weeks ago, there have not been any major developments. We will keep you in the loop if/when something happens.

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