Here’s what has been happening with your favorite social media platforms:


It’s official! Meta Verified makes its debut for a whopping $11.99/month. Once you submit your ID and pay the fee, your new verification status will give you:

  • A verification tick on Facebook or Instagram
  • Proactive account protection from impersonation
  • Dedicated account support from Meta’s team
  • Exclusive stickers for Facebook and Instagram Stories and Facebook Reels
  • Plus 100 stars a month to allocate to other creators on Facebook. 

Could this be a new path to solving Meta Business Suite issues? Many social media managers know all too well the pain of trying to get help from Meta’s reps for the business pages they manage. It’s almost like they try to make themselves difficult to contact. However, some users are finding their luck is turning around thanks to their new Meta Verified status. 

At this time, Meta Verified status is only available for personal accounts, NOT business accounts. How long that will last still remains to be seen.

In other Meta news …


  • Two new ad options are making their way to the platform for Instagram advertisers.
    • Reminder ads – help advertisers build awareness, anticipation, and consideration for upcoming moments.
    • In-Search ads – will show up in the feed that people can scroll when they tap into a post from search results.
  • Instagram continues their app updates with the latest addition of a new chat post-sharing option. This feature will allow users to start private discussions in a chat around posts added to a ‘collaborative collection.’ An interesting update as we start to see the way users share content start to change.


  • Musk announced that as of April 15th, only tweets from Twitter Blue subscribers will be recommended to users in the main feed. This comes in the wake of reports detailing Twitter’s failing to reach subscription expectations. 
  • Is it worth it for your business to subscribe to Twitter’s verified Twitter Blue program? Well the answer is…it depends. Questions start circulating as the platform announces it will start removing legacy’ blue checks in an effort to push users into paying.


  • Are you advertising on pinterest? If so, Pinterest just released their latest tips to help improve ad performance! This link includes a free downloadable guide
  • Often touted as the ‘last positive corner of the internet,’ Pinterest acknowledges the positive benefits of using the platform found in a new study. 
  • Idea pins are now up to 5 minutes long! This is no surprise as comparable short-form video such as REELs, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts continue to expand their video lengths to align with consumer trends.

Also Happening

  • TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified before congress in March as the potential U.S. ban still looms on the horizon. However, between lawmakers frequently opting to grandstand instead of allowing their sole witness to speak and others that failed to understand the basic features of the app in question, the March hearing offered more bark than bite.
  • LinkedIn launches native post scheduling for company pages, finally!
  • Maximize your platform presence on Snapchat with their latest leaked tips!
  • Instagram rival, ‘Lemon8,’ is rising in US app store charts.

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