In February, we launched a new feature “Social Media in the News” so you can stay in the loop of “new” media making headlines in “traditional” media. 

Check it out if you missed the first couple of installments! 

We’ll bring this feature to you every couple of weeks, with headlines ranging from trendy topics to viral moments to hard-hitting news.  

Here’s what we’ve uncovered recently:

Watch for fake coronavirus posts

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has served as a reminder to double and triple check your sources. One person on Twitter posted that a “miracle” solution – that included drinking bleach – cured the illness. 

The spread of the virus also prompted Facebook to take steps to ban ads that promise a cure. 

Official sources to check daily for information include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization

‘Stories’ coming to LinkedIn

It’s only in test mode right now, but LinkedIn is jumping into “stories.” 

“We’ve found there’s an entire generation growing up with Stories as a way of speaking; they’re more comfortable starting conversations with a full-screen ephemeral format than posting updates and prefer sharing content that lives as a moment in time rather than as an item in a feed,” LinkedIn’s Head of Content Products Pete Davies tells Forbes. 

And also to Twitter, sort of

LinkedIn isn’t alone. Twitter is also testing out a stories-type function called “Fleets.” 

Fleets are, essentially, tweets that vanish and can’t be publicly replied to or retweeted.

The reaction so far on Twitter? Well, it spawned the #RIPTwitter hashtag and users still asking for an edit button. ?

‘Flip the Switch’ challenge

At long last, we have a challenge on TikTok that’s not completely dangerous. This one is the “Flip the Switch” challenge, using Drake’s song “Nonstop,” in which he sings “I just flipped the switch” in the opening lines.

The challenge gained a big following on a recent “Saturday Night Live” sketch with Kate McKinnon and former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

And that was followed recently by a video from singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and former baseball star Alex Rodriquez. 

Rest in peace

We’re closing this week with some sad news – internet famous Marnie the Dog died recently at the age of 18. 

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