There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of noise out there on social media. From the election to debates about putting up Christmas trees now, there’s a lot more going on “behind the scenes” across all your favorite platforms that you should know about!

Here are a few things we’ve uncovered recently: 

Facebook Users Decline in U.S., Canada

Facebook says that its daily active users in the third quarter of 2020 dropped by 2 million in the U.S. and Canada. However, the company’s CFO says the drop was “expected” after a spike earlier in the year during the early stages of the pandemic. 

The company says it expects users to continue to decline in the fourth quarter.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Facebook is exploring a feature called Neighborhoods where users can share limited information with others in small geographic areas. 

Right now this is only being tested in Calgary, but expect to see it roll out in other locations if it’s successful. 

Instagram Expands Time Limits on Livestreams

Instagram has expanded its Live feature as the popularity of live video soars during the pandemic. Users around the world can now stream live for up to 4 hours, up from 1 hour. 

Instagram says DJs, talk shows, and fitness instructors were among those asking for the increase. 

Users will also soon be able to archive live streams for up to 30 days. 

LinkedIn Launches Tool to Help Users with Career Change

As LinkedIn usage continues to soar (now at 722 million!), the company released a tool to help unemployed Americans. 

The “Career Explorer” feature helps job seekers find skills that they have that overlap with other jobs. Users can also help users find skills they need to improve on to make a career change. 

Once a user clicks on a skill they need to build, they are launched to a list of LinkedIn courses users can take to improve that skill,” USA Today reports.

This is one of several changes LinkedIn is making: 

Pinterest’s Revenue, Users Continue Major Growth

Third quarter data released in late October shows that Pinterest’s revenue rose 58% from a year prior, compared to 4% in the second quarter. 

The site that sparks crafty inspiration for 400 million active users (up 100 million the past year), is now a leader in ecommerce. 

Forbes reports that nearly 80% of Pinterest’s users are basing their shopping habits on “pinned” items.

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