Have you ever stopped the endless scrolling on Facebook to ask yourself, “Why did I just see that?” Whether it’s a friend’s baby photo, an ad for shoes, or a video from a news page you follow, there IS a method to the madness to what is shown to you. 

Facebook recently released a video titled “How does News Feed predict what you want to see?” It is a bit complex, but it is a new level of transparency that Facebook has previously kept private from everyday users: 

Here’s a look at a few other things about your favorite social media platforms making headlines: 

What’s All the Buzz About Hive?

Thanks to a viral post on TikTok, the social media app Hive – which launched in 2019 – has exploded in popularity. 

Yahoo! Entertainment describes Hive as somewhat of a mashup of Myspace (yes, they went there!), Twitter, and Instagram. You can pick a song for your profile, follow others and see content in your feed, and post updates. 

The app says it gained tens of thousands of followers after the viral post. 

TikTok Continues to Influence Other Apps

Imitation is the best form for flattery, right? Instagram continues its imitation of certain TikTok features, which most recently was the launch of Reels. Now it’s building Vertical Stories

The feature would allow for vertical swiping, likely giving priority to videos over images to compete with TikTok. 

Vertical Stories is still currently only in development.

Swipe-Up Feature Comes to LinkedIn

Speaking of swiping, LinkedIn has revamped its version of Stories with a swipe-up feature. This gives users the chance to add more calls to action and links their websites. 

“What this means is that LinkedIn users can get more responses through their stories, thereby making Stories a more intriguing option for them to explore which can really boost LinkedIn’s user statistics,” writes Digital Information World. 

Instagram Adds ‘Recently Deleted’ Feature

Instagram’s newest feature can help save your content if you’ve been hacked. A “Recently Deleted” feature is being added to profiles to save posts for 30 days after they’re removed from an account. 

Instagram is also adding a step for users to verify their identity via text or email before restoring a post or deleting it forever.

Be Careful Showing Off COVID Vaccine Cards

As millions of Americans get their COVID-19 vaccine, take a moment before sharing your vaccine card to social media. Those cards contain personal information such as your full name, birthday, and where you got your vaccine. The cards can then also be easily copied by scammers. 

“If you want to post about your vaccine, there are safer ways to do it,” the Better Business Bureau says. “You can share a photo of your vaccine sticker or set a frame around your profile picture.”

Click/tap here to search for vaccine profile frames. 

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