Every day it feels like there’s something new with all the social media tools we’ve come to love. As things continue to evolve, Social Media in the News is here to guide you through those changes!

Facebook Adds COVID-19 Tools

Over the past few weeks, Facebook has stepped up in the fight against COVID-19 to help determine the probability that people will come into contact with positive cases. 

Facebook also says that the information shared with health officials remains anonymous and your private information is not jeopardized. 

social media tools during COVID-19

Facebook is also offering $100 million in cash grants and ad credits to small businesses. Applications are expected to open soon.

Zoom Is Still Making A Boom, But …

From distance-learning to meetings to virtual happy hours, everyone is now familiar with Zoom. However, security issues have arrived as hackers are now “Zoom bombing” what were thought to be private meetings.

In some areas, such as New York City, Zoom is now no longer a recommended tool for distance learning. 

Zoom’s CEO said the company has “learned a lesson” and made changes since adding millions of new users in the past month.

Netflix, Instagram Team Up

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring together giants in the digital world. Recently Netflix and Instagram announced a partnership to discuss mental illness. 

The series will broadcast on Netflix’s Instagram account though mid-May. Subject matters include sleeping troubles, staying connected, anxiety and what “self-care” really means. 

Twitter’s CEO Pledges $1 Billion

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey says he’s pledging $1 billion in Square equity to a relief fund for COVID-19. 

The money will fund girls’ health and education efforts once the pandemic ends. 

More Social Media Tools: Instagram’s New Desktop Feature

A change that was first unveiled in January is now making its way to more users on Instagram. The Direct Message feature is now more widely available to more users. 

Click/tap here to see if your account has access to this feature. 

Staying In The Know

Be sure to check out the previous Social Media in the News feature for even more information about how platforms have changes over the past several weeks! 


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