Now you see it … now you don’t! ? While some of your thoughts on social media will last forever through screen shots, there’s a new theme building steam with disappearing posts. 

Twitter Launches Stories … Uh, Fleets. We Mean Fleets!

For several years, Twitter users have been asking for some kind of editing feature. Well this month, that didn’t happen, again. Instead, Twitter launched “Fleets,” which as many users have pointed out, is very much like “Stories” features across other platforms. 

Fleets are meant to be a place to share quick thoughts, videos or photos, which then disappear: 

Facebook Has a Disappearing Act, Too

Do you have something to say to a friend, but don’t want it to last? No, we’re not talking about Fleets again. Recently Facebook launched “Vanish Mode” for Messenger. 

Users can now have an option for messages to disappear after you’ve left a chat. As Facebook says, “Some things aren’t meant to last.” 

In other non-disappearing things happening on social media … 

Snapchat Adds Astrology Features

Let’s file this under “things that happened just because it’s 2020.” Snapchat (the original creator of disappearing social media messages) has added a feature that includes daily horoscopes and compatibility readings with friends.  

LinkedIn Reveals This Year’s ‘Top Voices’

If you’re looking for new leaders, thinkers and innovators to follow on LinkedIn, check out their “Top Voices” listing

“Among those who made the list, you’ll find some common themes, such as helping support entrepreneurs and small businesses affected by the pandemic, addressing racial and gender equity, discussing mental health and well-being, and demonstrating the future of leadership amid COVID-19,” LinkedIn says. 

TikTok Boosts Parental Controls

TikTok recently launched a new feature that allows parents to link their TikTok account to their teen’s to access privacy settings. 

Parents can now set restrictions on search, comments, discoverability and liked videos. 


‘Family Pairing’ settings are here to help provide a family-friendly experience for everyone! #ParentsOfTikTok

♬ original sound – TikTok Tips

Analysts Predict Growth for Social Platforms in 2021

Morgan Stanley says Facebook, Google and Pinterest could grow advertising by as much as 20% next year. 

Analysts say that third quarter earnings for tech companies soared, and there are no signs of this changing in the fourth quarter and into 2021. 

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