If you’ve been feeling a little left out of the audio boom on social media, now’s the time to hop in! Clubhouse, which soared in popularity earlier this year, has ended its beta program and is open to all users. 

Here’s what else has been happening lately with your favorite platforms: 


  • Marketers now have access to 60 days of Instagram Insights, compared to 30 days previously. The platform says this will soon expand to 90 days. 
  • All users can now save their Stories in draft mode for up to seven days.
  • Speaking of Stories, Instagram is testing a reshare sticker that can be placed on Stories, but actually resharing the content will take a little extra step.


  • If you REALLY know what you’re talking about in a Facebook Group, you can earn an “expert” badge. “Admins now have the ability to select specific members in their communities who stand out, empowering them to play a more meaningful role,” Facebook executive Maria Smith says.
  • Facebook has added a search bar to Messenger to make emojis easier to locate. 
  • The hashtag #vaccineskill has been removed from the platform. This comes two years after the Facebook-owned Instagram removed it. 


  • Is this a dislike button? “Downvotes” aren’t showing up for public view yet, but some users can vote on replies they don’t like. Upvotes are shown as likes. 
  • Tweetdeck – a popular desktop application for Twitter users – is getting a new look. It’s being tested with a small group of users, who have noted how much it looks like the regular desktop version of Twitter.

Additional Highlights

  • Pinterest continues its global influence. It is now available in Arabic, making the app available in 37 languages. 
  • Live-stream shopping is becoming a trend: TikTok has experimented with it through a partnership with Walmart and now YouTube is testing it out. “If you’re watching a supported live-stream on YouTube, you can browse and shop products in real time, without interruption,” Google says of the feature.” 
  • Snapchat has launched new 3D Bitmoji avatars that include 1,200 combinations of facial expressions, poses, backgrounds and gestures. This is part of a move focusing on digital fashion. Snapchat has partnered with several brands in this push.

What’s Trending

In case you missed it, Jeff Bezos’ launch into space and the shape of the rocket brought back many memories of Austin Powers. 🤣

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