Shannon Loy
CEO / Founder / The Social Ginger

What sets Shannon apart from many other social media consultants is her big picture perspective. Recognizing that social media is just one element of her clients’ overall marketing strategy, Shannon and her team assess a company’s entire marketing strategy—from its website to its email campaigns. They then use customized social media tactics to augment that marketing plan and help businesses build relationships that lead to sales. Plus, Shannon’s playful approach makes social media fun for her clients!

Shannon Loy believes that every business has a unique story to tell. She started The Social Ginger, a social media marketing company in Richmond, VA, to help businesses find the best channels to communicate those stories to the world.

Shannon’s own compelling story starts with a background in sales, marketing, PR and music. Since 2015, she’s passionately worked to build the community’s awareness of The Tin Pan, a live music venue in Richmond. It’s a unique opportunity for Shannon, who plays tenor saxophone with the Richmond Pops Band, to use her professional skills to support local music.

Shannon also enjoys using her expertise to teach others about social media and is a frequent speaker at workshops and conferences.

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Shannon’s favorite emoji is the 💩. Why? Because it makes her laugh 😜

Dorsey McFadden

Social & Digital Marketing Specialist / SEO Expert

An early adopter of social media, Dorsey McFadden is now just as passionate about teaching our clients how to leverage this powerful digital marketing tool to build their brands and grow their businesses.

Dorsey loves research. With her firm grasp of the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing, she’s able to help businesses determine which platforms will help them most effectively reach their target market and, on a broader scale, improve their SEO. But this analytical consultant is also an idea person. By thinking outside the box, she supports businesses in achieving their most important objectives, while also streamlining digital marketing processes so they are able to sustain that success.

Dorsey brings to The Social Ginger 10 years of social and digital marketing experience and a diverse resume that runs the gamut from small marketing agencies to her own consulting business to Apple. When she’s not sharing her vast digital marketing expertise with our clients, you can probably find this lifelong animal lover (as a child, she rode horses and also worked in her parents’ veterinary clinic) hanging out with her dogs, Pippin and Jax, or volunteering with FETCH a Cure or another animal organization.  

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Dorsey’s favorite emoji is the 😜.
Why? Because it encapsulates a silly goofy moment so well.

Stephanie Eldridge

Social Media Assistant

Though her degree in Strategic Advertising lends itself perfectly to her work as TSG’s Social Media Assistant, Stephanie Eldridge originally moved from northern Virginia to Richmond to pursue a degree in Theatre from VCU. But the highly creative world of theater wasn’t quite strategic enough for her, so she changed majors, landed an internship with TSG, and eventually became a TSG employee in early 2019. 

Stephanie’s eye for detail and unique ability to synthesize data to draw conclusions mean her clients are consistently supported and satisfied, but Stephanie’s favorite part of working for TSG isn’t the data analysis – it’s the people. She loves the powerful, authentic stories she gets to share.

In her spare time, you’re likely to find Stephanie rocking out to her favorite tunes from the 60’s and 70’s or exploring the world of astrology (she’s a Pisces!). If you’re lucky, she might even interpret your dreams for you!

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Stephanie’s favorite emojis are 😂👻🤠.
Why? Because she thinks they’re funny and loves to joke around.

Grayson Glueck


When you achieve your biggest dream, it’s time for another one. After landing her ideal job in radio shortly after graduating from Radford University with a degree in Media Studies, Grayson Glueck realized she needed a bigger goal. So, she branched out to pursue videography… and discovered an unexpected passion and talent for video production and editing. Grayson quickly realized she’d found her sweet spot.

Today, she works with a wide variety of clients, using film to bring their messages to life. Her positivity and enthusiasm for her work shines through, making the filming process fun and easy no matter how nervous her clients may feel.

Though she loves her work as a videographer, Grayson also appreciates the video work of others and happily admits she enjoys binge-watching Netflix shows regularly. When she’s not behind the lens or glued to the screen, you’ll find her enjoying the great outdoors with her dog, Tex, a Hurricane Harvey rescue.

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Grayson’s favorite emoji is the 🐨.
Why? Because Koala’s are her favorite animal.

Erin Leigh


Do you ever wonder what’s going on in the minds of others? What secrets, hopes, and dreams are hiding there? Writer Erin Leigh believes those dreams so many of us hold deep inside deserve to be shared with the world. And what better way to do so than through SEO-optimized copy and content?

With her long-standing love of language, it’s no surprise Erin applies her skills today as a writer and editor, but her journey didn’t start there. As an entrepreneur herself, Erin believes wholeheartedly in the work performed by The Social Ginger’s clients. Pulling from her own business background, she loves telling the stories of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and companies who strive to make a difference in the world. She strives to honor their message and voice with every piece she writes.

When she’s not leveraging her perfectionistic tendencies through writing and editing, you’re likely to find Erin reading Harry Potter, swinging on monkey bars, and spending time with her husband, Kev.

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Erin’s favorite emoji is the old-school smiley face 🙂 . Why? Because its nostalgic and predates all the fancy emojis, and it’s super versatile. It’s simple and it makes you smile.