As 2021 kicks off, now is the time to focus on setting your business up for a successful year. Personal question … how clean is your “social media house?” Is it organized?

To start off this year, we’re taking a dive into five steps to help get things organized. The first step this week is to take an inventory of your social media channels. 

Your first step should be to create a spreadsheet to record what platforms you are currently using and have access to.

This includes EVERYTHING, whether you’re using it or not. This could include that Twitter profile you haven’t used in months or may even an old Facebook Group you forgot about. Perhaps you even have a Facebook page that you started, but didn’t complete for some reason. 

? QUICK TIPS: Search for your business on all social platforms, as well as Google. This may help you find pages you forgot about, or may want to figure out how to get back if you’ve lost a password. 

? DON’T FORGET: When we say everything, we really mean everything. Do you have Pinterest pages? Did you create a TikTok or Snapchat account in recent years? Check those, too.

Once you’ve made this list, check it twice and determine what platforms you want to use in 2021. If you have platforms that you don’t plan to use anytime soon, DON’T delete them. 

For those social media accounts you don’t plan to use, make sure that your last message directs users to other social media sites or a “Contact Us” web page for more information. For example, don’t let your last tweet be about something that happened last summer or Halloween. 

There are reasons for this: first off, for branding purposes, you will still have ownership of those channels. Secondly, you may want to use them again. You don’t want to start from scratch in the always-changing world of social media. 

Questions and Action Items for a Social Media Inventory

As part of your inventory, there are also other key things to make note of in your files: 

  • Is your logo current on all platforms, even ones you don’t plan on using? If not, give yourself a deadline within the next week to fix that. 
  • Does your branding on your cover photos – such as Facebook and LinkedIn – reflect what’s currently happening in your business? If not, find a date on the calendar and set a to-do item to get that updated. Sites such as Canva will help you create a new image easily with the correct size for each platform.  
  • Is your contact information correct? Check the contact names, phone numbers, mailing address, and email address. That should be updated within a couple of days of completing your inventory. 

What’s Missing?

No inventory is complete without thinking about things that may be missing from your social media profiles. 

For example, are you on Google My Business? If a potential customer does a Google search for you, what will they find? Will it be accurate? Are the hours correct? Will they see recent photos or reviews? Can they see you on Google Maps? Will they even be able to find you in a search? 

If you answered “No” or “I don’t know,” it’s time for you to get to know Google My Business. It’s free, easy-to-use, and will help your information show up correctly on Google searches. 

You may also want to explore adding LinkedIn as part of your social media strategy. There are nearly 600 million users on LinkedIn right now with people looking for jobs, expanding their networks, and finding community resources. It’s also a great place to ask questions and gain insights from similar colleagues or businesses.

What’s Next?

Take these first couple of weeks of January to complete your inventory and get the basics updated across your pages. In a couple of weeks, we will explore in more detail creating a content calendar and how you can effectively plan ahead. 

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If you’re looking for social media help in 2021, The Social Ginger is here to be your partner! Set up a FREE discovery call today. 

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