Having to regularly produce new and exciting content for your social media strategy can often lead to creative blocks or feeling as if you’re running out of ideas. One way around this problem is to find ways of reusing old material – by repurposing, rewriting, or using older material in different formats. Essentially, don’t reinvent the wheel; just do something different with what you already have!

Ideas on How to Repurpose Blog Content

  • Create separate social posts that elaborate more on each point you make within your blog. This works really well for blogs that are listicles such as “6 Ways to Future-Proof Your Digital Marketing Beyond Social Media”
  • Create several different images and new copy that refers to your blog and then send the traffic to your blog. 
  • Create an infographic to explain things better (or differently)
    • Infographics can be a fun way to break down a lot of complex information into a format that’s easy to understand and encourages your audience to read more on your website.
  • Share an old blog post that you’ve updated with new, relevant data. It will seem like a whole new blog. Just make sure that your new blog is at least 50% new, otherwise it won’t be good for SEO.
  • Create an animated video that points out key tips within your blog. We love to use Canva or Wave Video to help us create these types of videos. 

Ideas on How to Repurpose Video Content

  • First things first, make sure you have optimized your video.  Upload it to YouTube, add it to your website, upload it to all of your active social media channels.
    • Also, if you haven’t already, consider using it in an email marketing campaign. 
  • If the video is longer and has separate points that can be divided out, try cutting the video up into shorter segments.
    • Segments under 1 minute work best to use for all platforms. To better suit the social platform, consider reworking the dimensions to a 9×16 ratio to post to Instagram Reels, TikTok, or YouTube shorts. 
    • You can also rework the dimension to a square sized format. Square videos work well on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds. 
  • Have the video transcribed and turned into a blog. A great transcription tool we love to use and highly recommend is Rev.com
  • Use the MP3 voice recording and create a voiceover graphic video through Canva. 

Other Creative Ways to Make Old Content New Again

  • Use old images as backgrounds on your new graphics. It gives your graphics more zest and appeal to your audience. 
  • Search for and use user-generated content (UGC)
    • Testimonials from customers about your product or service. 92% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations above all other sources of advertising. 
    • Has a customer posted a picture using your product on their social media and tagged you? Ask them if you can share their post or photo. 
    • P.S. NEVER use UGC content without creator permission.
  • Is there an old piece of content that is still relevant that could use a new twist or a facelift? You’ve already done it once. Just bring it back to life. 
  • Throwback posts
    • The same with using old images as post backgrounds, throwback posts allow you to resurface something fun or cool about yourself, your business, or maybe even a milestone you hit. #ThrowbackThursday is always a popular hashtag to use when doing this!

If all of this is a little overwhelming, we get it, trying to run a business and maintaining a social media presence can be a lot to handle. But there’s no reason to worry, The Social Ginger is here to be your full-service social media marketing partner. Skip the hassle of trying to manage your social media marketing by yourself! Our rockstar team of experts are happy to assist with the set-up process. Schedule a FREE discovery call today.


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