Creating Facebook Ads can be so overwhelming and downright befuddling. After navigating the confusing Facebook Ads Manager landscape to create an ad, you then wonder if your ad performed like it was supposed to. Better yet, you just blew $100 and got nothing. How is it that people are finding success with Facebook ads? The hard truth is, it takes time, commitment, testing (lots of testing), and installing the Facebook Pixel.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

Have you ever been served an ad on Facebook promoting a product or service you just looked at on another website? OR…maybe you simply viewed a video and now you are constantly seeing other ads from the same company who shared that video?  You saw those ads because that business had a Facebook Pixel installed on its website.

The Facebook Pixel is a code that is installed on your website.  Once installed, it can be used to track conversions from Facebook Ads, retarget customers who have already engaged with your brand (such as watching a video, visiting a website or engaging on a company’s Facebook page) and help to build audiences to target with future ads. It collects data of the people who engage with your website. The data can be pretty powerful for helping you to determine your target in an ad and to help measure performance results.

There have been numerous blogs written about the reasons, benefits and how to install the FB Pixel. We really don’t want to recreate the wheel. Our goal is to bring awareness to you that it’s a tool that’s pretty HUGE and you want to most certainly install it on your website.

You can learn more about the pixel from Facebook directly here.

Why should you care about installing the Pixel?

Are you planning on spending money on a Facebook Ad Campaign or boost posts from your page? If you are spending money, don’t you want to get your money’s worth? If you don’t have the pixel installed on your website, then we’re sorry to say, you are not getting your money’s worth. You’re just throwing your money down the drain.

My recommendation… don’t spend a penny until it’s installed.

If you don’t install the Facebook Pixel and you run a campaign, here is what you are missing out on:

  1. The ability to know who engaged with your ad
  2. Exactly how much activity happened on your website or landing page as a result of your ad.
  3. The ability to create custom audiences to better target in future ad campaigns.

There are three ways to go about getting your Facebook pixel installed.

#1 – Hire a web designer to do it for you. This, of course, costs $$ but is a pretty straight forward process so it shouldn’t cost you too much.

#2 – Get your kid to do it for you because they are born with the DNA to understand how to do this stuff.

#3 – DIY, It’s not overly complicated, and if you have any knowledge of the layout of your website you just might be able to handle doing it yourself.

To make it easier for you DIY folks, we have put together a list of the most popular platforms that websites are built on. All you need to do is click on the platform your site is built on and you will be directed to another site that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to install the pixel on your website.

Click On Your Website Platform Below to Learn How to Install Your Pixel Code.






If you do not see your website platform above, my recommendation is to just Google your platform and how to install the Facebook Pixel. You can learn everything online. Once the pixel is installed you will want to learn how to read the results. Check out this blog on how to do that – “How to Use Facebook Analytics for Your Website.”

About the Author: Shannon Loy is the owner of a social media services company, The Social Ginger.  The company is passionate about helping small business owners with their social media presence. To learn more about what services they offer visit their website at

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