Are you having an issue with Facebook that you just can’t seem to resolve? You’ve scoured every forum, every help page, and read a ton of blogs. All you want is to either resolve the issue yourself or contact someone who can help. Why then, for the life of you, can you not find a way to contact someone at Facebook for help?

Look no further! We recently went through the same situation while trying to troubleshoot a Facebook issue for one of our clients. Meta is notoriously difficult to contact, and even more difficult to reach a speedy resolution with.

After exhausting every solution known to us, and doing extensive research, we finally stumbled across the holy grail. We hope that sharing this experience helps you find a way to successfully resolve any issues you may be having with Meta Business Suite or your Facebook Business Manager. 

Identifying the Problem

While recently onboarding a new client, we quickly discovered that they had an issue with accessing their Facebook Business Manager. More specifically… they did not have access to it at all

But here’s the thing about the business manager, someone has to have access. No matter what, the business manager cannot exist without an administrator. With that knowledge, the business was faced with a puzzling issue … who was on the account as the business manager? 

Asking for Help from Meta

After ruling out a majority of former and current employees, as well as exhausting our own knowledge and capabilities, we decided to move forward with trying to contact Meta for assistance with reclaiming our client’s account. 

Unfortunately for us, Facebook … *cough*… Meta, constantly changes their layouts and processes for just about everything you can think of. Meaning, methods we had used in the past to contact the social behemoth we soon discovered were no longer an option.  

We scoured the internet. We searched extensively in all major forums and also asked within several online groups … no one had the answer. Then, by chance, one of our social media managers stumbled upon exactly what we needed. The Meta Business Help Center.

The Resolution Process

Troubleshoot ads, get help with managing accounts, understand page mergers and more with The Meta Business Help Center. Through your search to find a resolution, you may have found yourself within this help center without realizing it. Here you can search for the answers to some of Meta’s most frequently asked questions when it comes to their social platforms. 

Check the Meta Business Help Center for FAQs or head straight to Facebook Business Support

While these FAQs are helpful, we couldn’t find any information to help resolve the situation for our client. If you still need help finding a solution, you’ll want to head directly to Facebook Business Support. Bookmark this link and save it for future reference! It may come in handy for you one day! Otherwise it can also be found in the upper right corner of the Meta Business Help Center.

Step #1 or 7: Select the asset you need help with, review an old ticket, or view updates on an active ticket.

Submitting a Facebook Business Support Ticket

When you visit the Facebook Business Support page, there you can submit a ticket to Meta to help resolve your issue. This is the ticket submission process we followed to contact Meta regarding our client’s issue. 

Step #2: Select an issue that you need help with or choose “Other Page Issue.”

How to submit your ticket:.

  1. Select the asset you need help with. Your social media page should appear as an option.
  2. Once you select your page, it will display a variety of page issues that you can select from. If you see your issue on this list, great! Select it. On the next page it will display your next steps. 
  3. If you don’t see your issue as an option, scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Other Page Issue.” 
  4. Here you can share more details with Meta regarding your issue. You can even attach screenshots of your issue if you have them.
  5. Be sure you have a valid phone number and email address listed for them to reach out to you.
  6. Submit! Someone will contact you…eventually. 
  7. You can also return to the Support page to review past claims or review any updates on active tickets.
Step #3-4: Share more details about the issue you are experiencing

Herein lies the pain point we mentioned earlier. This process can either go one of two ways and we have experienced both.

  • Option 1: Facebook is super responsive and contacts you almost immediately via Facebook Messenger .
  • Option 2: Your ticket is routed to an internal support team, where you will go back and forth via email until the issue is resolved. If you’re like us, you’ll also constantly be battling their internal ticketing resolution system attempting to close out your case after 48 hours. 

💡 Pro-tip: If you have an outstanding ticket, be aware of any follow-up messages that might come in from Facebook over the weekend. Remember, they have a bot that will close out all tickets if you do not reply to their message within a 48-hr window.

How We Resolved It

In this case, thankfully, it was option #1! Mere minutes after our social media manager submitted the request, they received a direct message on Facebook from Facebook Business Support and entered into a live-chat with a representative. 

Within that discussion, the Support representative detailed for us next steps. This ultimately led to us filing an Admin Dispute Claim on behalf of our client, resulting in our client finally regaining full admin access to their page! 

We’re Here to Help! 

Contacting Meta to resolve an issue isn’t all bad. Sometimes, you end up with a great outcome just like we were able to achieve for our client. 

We hope you found this article helpful! But if you need a little extra assistance, The Social Ginger is ready to help your business with Facebook and all of your social media needs

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