At The Social Ginger, we believe incorporating digital advertising into your overall marketing mix will help you gain even better results with your social media marketing strategy. The overall costs associated with advertising vary depending on your company goals and marketing strategy.

We recommend starting small to test the waters until we find a plan that works for your business.

Why should you consider some form of digital advertising for your business?

  1. It increases business exposure which will help to build brand loyalty
  2. Increases traffic to your website
  3. Running ads helps to boost your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  4. It helps you gain valuable information on who your client really is
  5. No other form of marketing can give you the targeting and retargeting that social media advertising can give you
  6. It helps to beat out your competition who may not be running social media advertising
  7. Digital advertising is a (fairly) level playing field for small businesses
  8. Digital advertising will get you more sales and customers
  9. Digital advertising success is trackable so you can see your ROI


We offer advertising services on the following platforms:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Pinterest | YouTube | Google AdWords

This service is only available to our committed monthly social media management clients.

Questions on how to get started?
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