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Photo: CDC/Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

The world is currently experiencing something it’s never seen before with the coronavirus – a pandemic in the social media world.

The last time the World Health Organization declared a pandemic was in 2009 in the H1N1 swine flu outbreak. Yes, Facebook and Twitter were around then, but the number of users paled in comparison to today. 

For example, Facebook had between 150 million to 175 million users 11 years ago. Today there are nearly 2.5 billion users. Twitter had 18 million users by the end of 2009. Now it has 330 million monthly users

To put the number of people on social media into even more perspective, Instagram didn’t even exist in 2009. According to Hootsuite, 1 billion people now use it monthly, with 500 million of those people using the Stories feature daily. 

ByteDance, which owns the popular short-video platform TikTok, also has 1 billion monthly users. 

Social Media Is More Important Than Ever

As we learn more about the coronavirus – COVID-19 – social media is more important than ever. 

With hundreds of millions more people on social media in 2020 vs. 2009, there is a lot of false information out there. One person on Twitter posted that a “miracle” solution – that included drinking bleach – cured the illness. 

Social media, though, can be a powerful tool in your personal and professional world. 

For your personal accounts, you can check for accurate information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization

You can also use social media to stay in touch if your travel is restricted and when you want to avoid personal contact with high-risk individuals. 

For businesses, your social media accounts are how you can communicate to your customers whether or not you’re open, as well as how you are conducting transactions online. 

We’re more connected than ever thanks to social media. You can use this as an opportunity for you to keep your businesses open and your customers happy. 

Facebook provided several tips for businesses this week that you can check out here.

How The Social Ginger Can Help You With Your Social Media Needs

At The Social Ginger, we want you to know that we can be your partner during this time.

Whether you want a brand audit, one-on-one consulting, or someone to help manage your social media channels, our job during these difficult times is to make your job easier. We can meet your needs for individual posts, graphic design, video and local SEO. 

Visit The Social Ginger at to learn more and to set up a free discovery call to see how we can be your social media marketing partner. 

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