Almost anyone can create a profile on social media, but it takes a strategic mind combined with a whole lot of trial and error to hit pay dirt on this new marketing frontier. The Social Ginger, Shannon Loy, has the social media expertise and finesse to find the right mix of platforms, content and campaigns for your business as well as the diligence to turn those strategies into the results you’re looking for.

Shannon has built solid social media programs for brand-new businesses like The Tin Pan and Cirrus Vodka—and as a result, built their brands as well as a rich level of engagement with their customers. For businesses that already have an established identity and marketing strategy, She has helped amplify their messages, connect with customers on a more personal level as well as gain important customer insights to inform their marketing and even the operation of their businesses.


At The Social Ginger, we first learn about your business and what you’re trying to achieve through social media—from learning about your customers to launching new products. We then determine the right social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, to reach your target audience link to the Resources page and your goals. We also help you determine the types of content and ad campaigns that will not only engage prospective customers and motivate them to purchase from you, but also forge long-term relationships with existing customers and turn them into evangelists for your brand.


But strategy is just part of the social media equation. There’s also the time-consuming task of maintaining an active social media presence and keeping your customers engaged and interacting. The Social Ginger can set up your profiles as well as handle the regular responsibility of posting, commenting and connecting with influencers in your industry who can help extend your reach. We can also teach you the skills to manage your social media program on your own.