Anyone with a cell phone can be a photographer, but very few know how to use that phone to take the best picture to fit their needs. That stops today! 

When you pull out your phone or camera to take a picture and capture content for your brand, taking  a few extra seconds to properly prepare your shot can ensure you capture the perfect memory. 

Tips for Success

Taking time to prepare for the best shot shows that you care and are truly proud of what you are showing to the world. If it is something you have created for work, it will add another level of professionalism and care. These photos will last forever, so you want to be able to display them with pride. When you set yourself up for success, the chance that you’ll need to go back and fix something is far lower. Your future self will thank you!

#1 Know Your Purpose

Knowing what you want this picture to showcase will help you capture exactly what you are after. A game plan won’t do you wrong! Have 3-5 things in your mind that you want to capture. That may be a beginning, middle, and end of the process, or if it’s a group picture at an event, have 3-5 different groups or poses in mind before you gather everyone. 

#2: Wipe Your Camera Lens

This might seem like a silly trick, but it is extremely important. Even if your screen seems clean, it doesn’t hurt to wipe your camera lens for a few seconds on your shirt or a microfiber cloth. While you’re at it, wipe your actual screen clean too. This will give you the best view of your subject and a more crisp outcome.

#3: Get Closer, Don’t Zoom In

Moving closer to your subject might seem a little uncomfortable, but you will preserve the quality of the picture. When you zoom in, photos become more pixelated. By getting physically closer, you have more control over what is in frame. 

Move around and try a few different angles or set-ups as well when capturing content. By doing this, you will have a variety of different variations to choose from for posting … or to make a fun collage!

#4: Take the Picture Different Ways

Speaking of variety, capturing your image both vertically and horizontally is always a great idea! It just takes a few more seconds and you won’t regret it. Since rectangular images work better on Facebook/LinkedIn and square or vertical images work better for Instagram, you’ve already done half of the editing work. Who doesn’t love that!?

This is also an excellent time to take pictures at different angles – from the front, from the side, really close up to show details, or further back to capture the entire environment.

#5: Take More Than One

No matter who or what your subject is, always take more than you think you will need. Especially if it is a group of people! No one will ever be looking at the camera on the first try, so give everyone some time and snap a few more while you have everyone there. If you are lucky, you might even be able to ask them to do different poses to give you even more variety. 

#6: Find the Light

Finding the light is easier than it might sound! You will want to make sure your subject is well lit all around so you are able to show off everything you need to. If there is too much direct light, it can wash the picture out or make people close their eyes. When there is no light on them, they will turn into shadows and you lose all clarity.

This article can help you find your light like a pro. If you cannot control the natural light, most cell phones today allow you to adjust the lighting exposure, this can be helpful when lighting is too bright, or not bright enough!

#7: Never Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Whether you are celebrating a work accomplishment or excited to meet someone at an event, ask someone to take a picture for you! You are part of the moment too and deserve to be included in the photo. Bring a tripod or selfie stick if you are anticipating any group shots. This one from our favorite products list is perfect. If you are too shy to ask or if no one is around, selfies are still a great way to capture the moment. However, they can make your image seem less professional.

Tip #8: Know Your Settings

There are several small things that you can do in your camera settings that will make taking pictures even easier. 

  1. Enable the “Grid” feature to help you frame up images i.e. The Rule of 3rds
  2. You can set your phone to “Portrait” mode. This will blur the background and make your face the focal point.
  3. Set your camera to ‘Natural Colors,’ which will automatically neutralize the colors so it takes the guesswork out of editing 

#9: Take a Chance

You are proud of what you have created, so make sure you get the right angle and lighting! Don’t be afraid to look a little silly when you are taking a picture. When you have fun during the process, it makes you more relaxed and it’ll be easier to take a more authentic picture.

No matter what you do, have fun with it. Be excited to show off what you have in front of you and the picture will come out great.

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