Never underestimate the power of great copywriting.

It can elevate your message, sell the benefits of a product or service, stimulate the imagination of your audience and make people really crave what you’re selling.

What do you do when you hit the wall for creative copy ideas? 

Writer’s block hits just about everyone at some point. To help you bust through this challenging rut, we have put together a few tips and tricks to help you get your creative juices flowing when copywriting for social media!

1. Focus Your Attention on the Purpose of the Post

Not exactly sure where to start with your Facebook caption? Your first step should be to consider what the purpose of the post is. You will also want to consider all of the details that support that purpose and jot those down to use when creating your copy.

Some ideas to consider include:

  • Sharing details about an upcoming event
  • Relaying news about a new product and its features
  • Spotlighting a team member for a recent win.
  • Recapping an event that happened at your business

2. Saying Less is MORE with Social Media Copy

Attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter these days! That means you need to get their attention fast and make it impactful.

Start with an eye catching image, video, or even a graphic, and give your audience enough information to understand why they should follow for more, call you, or visit your website. Then, you wow them with your copy.

Make it short, sweet, and POWERFUL. Take your normal message and elevate it with new and exciting sounding words to make your reader stop and think about how that product or event can affect their life and want to learn more about it.

If you still have more to say on the topic, that is a perfect opportunity to write a blog or send them to your website!

3. Have fun with your copy!

Social media platforms work wonders to inform and keep your clients aware of all things happening with your business, but it’s also a place to let your personality shine. Be authentic, be bold, and show your customer who you are.

When you have fun with your copy, it almost gives you a freedom you didn’t know you had before! You can then share a meme or fun memory with your audience, in turn building a new level of engagement and trust. Finding ways to have fun with your content allows your audience to have fun with you!

4. Add Emojis to Your Social Media Copy

Should your business be using emojis in its social media copy? Absolutely! 

Emojis have proven to not only add fun to your copy, but they also help get you more engagement, reach, shares and add value to your message. Adding an emoji is a wonderful way to add another level of relatability, connection, and ✨sparkle✨ to your message.

Emphasize your storytelling with emojis relating to the people 👪, places 🏠, and things 🍔 you’re talking about.

Substitute words with an emoji to show importance, or create fun lists!

  • Things to remember, use a 💡
  • There’s a new product you want to announce, use a 📢
  • You want them to call, use 📞

5. Write Your Copy Like You Would Have a Conversation

You talk about your business all day, every day. So naturally, things can get a bit lost in translation when trying to convey the nuances of your business to potential customers. 

If your business revolves around or pertains to particularly difficult/complex subject matter, the more simple, concise, and conversational you can make your copy, the better!

This tip isn’t just for complex businesses though, when copywriting for all industries your audience will appreciate getting a sense of the people behind the businesses and products they enjoy. The more clear and concise your copy is, the better your audience can connect with you. This builds brand awareness and trust. YAY! 

6. Make Sure Your Customer Knows How to Reach You

Don’t let all that great work and information you gave out go to waste. The best way to avoid this is to ask them to contact you. In the marketing world, we refer to this as a ‘Call to Action.

We recommend leaving at least one point of contact within the copy of your post. It’s not necessary to leave more than that. Here are some items that you can consider adding:

  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Email
  • Leave a review
  • Subscribe to your newsletter

Put all of these tips to the test the next time you are dealing with a social media writer’s block! Just remember, when in doubt – have fun and add more emojis! 😄👍

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