There is no question that LinkedIn has become a social media powerhouse. There are now more than 575 million registered users, with that number continuing to grow. But how are your LinkedIn Page Followers looking?

If you’re feeling stuck, there are several easy steps you can take to see that number grow quickly. And best off, these steps are FREE. 

1. Invite Your Connections to Follow Your Page

Admins of your LinkedIn Page can invite up to 100 people at a time to follow your page. This is a 100-person rolling credit – if, for example, you invited 10 people to follow your page and seven of those people accepted, you get those seven credits back. 

The 100 credits reset at the beginning of each month. 

To invite followers, simply go to your page and look along the right-hand side. You’ll see an “Invite Connections to Follow” area. From here you can select people to follow your page. You can only invite them once, so if they don’t accept, you can’t ask them again. 

You should start to see immediate results and quickly start to grow your LinkedIn page followers with just a few clicks of the mouse.

It’s worth noting that you get 100 invites per page – not per admin – each month, so use the invitations wisely.

2. Make Sure Employees Are Connected to the Company Page

Your employees can help draw more attention to your pages, which is actually a combination of No. 2 and No. 3 in our list. 

LinkedIn users can add or edit a position on their profile. From there, they can select a specific Page name from the company dropdown list.

This will link your company page to their profile and also show the number of employees you have on your company page. 

If someone has tagged your page on accident or has left the company, LinkedIn has a process for you to be able to remove that person from your list. 

If your employees are active on LinkedIn, this will automatically increase you company’s visibility as their posts show up in the feeds of others. 

3. Rally Your Staff to Engage With Your Posts

Your staff can be your biggest asset on LinkedIn. In addition to having them connected to your page, you’ll want to use internal messages to encourage them to interact with and share your company updates. 

If, for example, yoru company has launched a new website, encourage them to share or like those posts that you’ve posted on LinkedIn. They can also leave comments on those posts, which will show up in the feed as users scroll for updates. 

This can go a long way in helping you recruit talented people to your company in the future. 

4. Share Your Company’s Updates

It’s time to lead by example! If you’re asking your staff to engage with your page, so should you. 

As a leader in the company, you should share and like company updates, as well as tagging your company regularly in your posts. Other managers or stakeholders in your business should do the same thing.

5. Use Multiple and Relevant Hashtags

Hashtag use on LinkedIn continues to grow and be effective in helping users find your page. 

Hashtags can be used anywhere in your post to share a video, article, or document.

Using hashtags help users discover topics and interests, which gives your employees an opportunity to engage in topics related to your company. You can also comment as the company page on trending topics. 

Find a few hashtags that you’ll always use. Don’t forget to throw in a branded hashtag, a topic tag and a location tag. 

If you’re curious about what hashtags you should use, check out our post that clears up some confusion on their usage.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to LinkedIn now and grow your followers!


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