Guest blog contributed by Shannon Adee of Spark Solutions.

The introduction of ChatGPT in November of 2022 created a loud buzz reverberating all over the internet and social media. Excitement, curiosity, trepidation – the opinions ran wide and deep. As a Google Certified expert in Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization, I’m asked daily if the use of AI is beneficial or harmful. Should we use it to create website content, write blogs, or generate ad copy? Will Google reward or punish us for using it? All of these are valid and important questions, yet none of them have a clear answer. 

My take? Use it! It’s powerful. BUT…do so smartly. 

3 Helpful Tips for using ChatGPT for Your Business

  1. Brainstorming Ideas – Use AI to get your creativity flowing by submitting a prompt asking for a list of ideas. For example: I asked ChatGPT to provide me with a list of blog ideas for a local hotel in Richmond, VA. Within a matter of seconds, I received this list of 15 ideas to explore. #11 caught my eye. As we enter into the busiest season for Weddings, if I’m a hotel Marketing Director, I could write a blog about why my hotel is one of the top wedding venues in RVA. I could even make it a series highlighting all of our preferred partners for floral, photography & videography, event planners, and more. All of those content ideas came from one simple ChatGPT prompt. 
  1. Keyword Research –  Imagine you’re a hair salon owner. You offer upscale services, and you’re looking to create social media content that resonates with your high-end audience. Using ChatGPT as a keyword research tool, I received a list of topic ideas aligned with top searches. I can now use these keyword phrases to create content on my social media platforms about services my ideal audience is looking for – hair extensions salon, luxury hair salon, high-end hair salon, hair treatments, hair smoothing treatments. And don’t forget these are great hashtag ideas as well.
  1. Create a Content Plan – The age old question: What am I going to post today? It’s challenging to create unique and relevant content across all marketing platforms while also providing content that’s engaging, fun, and different. ChatGPT can be a great time saving tool to shape your content creation tasks. See here where I asked ChatGPT to create a 2 week plan for a local restaurant on social media, blogs, and promotions. Some great ideas are presented here like making a behind the scenes video of the chef preparing a new dish or sharing the history of the restaurant in a blog. 

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In summary, utilizing ChatGPT and other AI tools can be helpful. However, there are still many unknowns about how Google and social media platforms will treat AI-generated content in the future. Use it to develop ideas, but be wary of using it to create your content in totality, at least for now. Resist a good ‘ole copy & paste. 😉 

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